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4 Stellar Ways to Secure a Summer Job

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Summer has officially started and if you don’t have your summer job yet, it’s time to hop to it. Whether you’re a recent school graduate or in between years at university, summer jobs are the perfect way to develop new skills and establish a good base of experience for your CV.

Most companies begin hiring their summer seasonal employees beginning from February or March. It’s the end of June, but don’t worry, there are still ways for you to land a great job this summer.

The summer employment trends

According to last year’s JobisJob data, a peak in seasonal job vacancies began in mid-May, but was at its strongest during the month of July. It’s always a good idea to avoid peak hiring times and aim to submit your CV before the rush. If in February you’re unsure of what kind of summer job you’d like, you’ll still have a few good months to decide where to apply.

summer jobs london

Last year, the most common hiring location was within the city of London, offering almost 23% of all the seasonal job listings on JobisJob. Behind London were Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

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What’s It Like Working for Tesco?

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Summer has officially started and Tesco is ready for new recruits! Recent graduates and those out there looking for a new career experience are beginning their job search. Keeping them in mind, we’d like to dive headfirst into the pros and cons of one of the companies hiring like crazy this season!

Tesco hiring

Want to know what it’s like working for one of the world’s biggest supermarket and general retailer? We’ve got the inside scoop.

About Tesco

Tesco is a multinational supermarket and general merchandise retailer, operating in 12 different countries including the United Kingdom, Asia and Europe. Tesco was founded in 1919 and by 1939, there were more than 100 stores across the UK. Today, Tesco has over 7,800 locations worldwide and is the 3rd largest retailer in the world measured by profits.

All that success makes you wonder, but what’s it like to work there?

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Disability in the Workplace, Every Element Counts

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InNatura is a consulting service specializing in providing career guidance for people with disabilities, preparing them for vocational training, and helping them find placements in the primary labour market.

InNatura starts from the premise that career choice is the foundation of a fulfilling career. It’s only fair to give everyone an equal chance in the labour market and we cannot allow ourselves to miss the potential and talent of people with disabilities.

In order to enable people with disabilities to access the labour market and to show them potential career paths, the InNatura agency provides pedagogical skills assessments and development training for everyone, disabled or not.

Bettina Knierim, Anja Goldberg and Simon Raida, thank you for the interview, we’re delighted to have the opportunity to introduce our readers to InNatura.


Team InNatura: Bettina Knierim, Anja Goldberg and Simon Raida.

Disability in the workplace, interview with InNatura

What is InNatura and what are you working on?

Bettina Knierim: InNatura is a service agency that views education as the best investment. Our work is just as much about lobbying as it is about working directly with people with and without disabilities. Those who recognize their strengths early on will make well-founded career choices and play an effective part in work processes. We’re helping shape a paradigm shift: moving away from social system-thinking towards a kind of thinking and acting that puts the human being as a person back in the centre.

Anja Goldberg: I joined InNatura as a trainer at the beginning of 2006. I liked the idea of helping young people with their professional orientation. What particularly interests me is developing ways of offering our fellow human beings a context in which to discover and to develop themselves.’

Simon Raida: I was among the first young person with disabilities to try the InNatura methods. We were able to put ourselves to the test, to push ourselves to the limit, and we were taken seriously. With the help of InNatura, I had the courage to tackle my dream of an independent life. For almost 2 years now I’ve been a part of the team and see it as my duty to pass on the courage to others that I myself received. You only have this one life and it’s worth trying to live your dreams, even if it’s not always easy.

 How do you define the term inclusion?

Interview with InNatura- Disability in the Workplace Bettina Knierim: Inclusion is an attitude. A very interesting study was done once: one after another, women with black skin colour, then women with white skin colour and then finally men with white skin colour were placed before a mirror and asked to say what they saw. The answers were ‘a black woman’, ‘a woman’ and ‘a man’. Inclusion for me would be if everyone could stand before a mirror and say, regardless of their skin colour, gender or other distinctive features, that they just see a human being.

Anja Goldberg: It’s precisely our diversity that makes things colourful and that’s a good thing. I think about what Clewett Curtis said: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” For me inclusion is that I want to go far with everyone just as they are!

Simon Raida: To me, we all belong together and together we can face today’s challenges!

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JobisJob and Fruits? That’s like Comparing Apples to Oranges!

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JobisJob filteringYou know that JobisJob is a job aggregator site. You know that we offer employment vacancies in 22 countries across the globe and in 9 different languages. You know that we have just launched our new mobile app (available for both iOS and Android users) and you know that if you’re looking for a new career, JobisJob is the place to visit!

But here’s something you may not know.

What makes JobisJob different

What’s different about JobisJob in comparison to other job aggregators is that we filter out job listings that don’t match the candidate’s profile. And we’re pretty proud of that. When the job seeker is searching on our site, we take into account his or her job preferences; these may include location, the type of work they’re looking for (full time or part time) and their desired salary. It’s a little more work for us, but in the end our users are left a job that perfectly fits their profile, and that’s what matters most.

To help you understand the filtering process a little better, we’ve created this video, with fruits!

Start the search for your dream job today!

4 Ways to Revamp Yourself (and Your Career)

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revamp yourself

You’ve revamped your kitchen, your dining room and maybe even your garden. You may think of the word revamp as a chore, something that takes time, effort, and probably quite a bit of money. But have you ever thought of revamping the most important part of your life? Have you ever thought of revamping yourself?

Think about your life; family, friends, your city and your career? Are you happy? If you’re not happy, what is something you can do to be happy? Your well-being is more important than anything else, and if the reason for your unhappiness is your job, then it’s time to change.

Summer is almost here and what better way than to reflect in some place warm and wonderful? Here are 4 great ways to start the revamping process to a new and improved you. (And don’t worry; the self-revamping process is not like the kitchen revamp or living room makeover. This is something we look forward to and something that’ll change our lives for the better.)

4 steps to revamping yourself and your career

Reflect. Visit a peaceful place, a place where you feel calm and relaxed. Leave your mobile at home but bring an empty notebook and pen. Reflect on your past, what made you unhappy in your previous job and what you’d like to change for the future. What interests you? What are your skills? Could you turn them into a career? Write these thoughts down and begin to think about how you can achieve these goals.

revamp yourself jobisjob

A goal. Go somewhere where you feel inspired. We all need goals to keep us motivated and on track. Write down your ultimate goals, both career and personal. Write down the steps you need to take to arrive at your goal. If you’d like to make a big career change, note skills you need to learn or courses and additional training that will help you along the way.

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