4 Ways to Revamp Yourself (and Your Career)

revamp yourself

You’ve revamped your kitchen, your dining room and maybe even your garden. You may think of the word revamp as a chore, something that takes time, effort, and probably quite a bit of money. But have you ever thought of revamping the most important part of your life? Have you ever thought of revamping yourself?

Think about your life; family, friends, your city and your career? Are you happy? If you’re not happy, what is something you can do to be happy? Your well-being is more important than anything else, and if the reason for your unhappiness is your job, then it’s time to change.

Summer is almost here and what better way than to reflect in some place warm and wonderful? Here are 4 great ways to start the revamping process to a new and improved you. (And don’t worry; the self-revamping process is not like the kitchen revamp or living room makeover. This is something we look forward to and something that’ll change our lives for the better.)

4 steps to revamping yourself and your career

Reflect. Visit a peaceful place, a place where you feel calm and relaxed. Leave your mobile at home but bring an empty notebook and pen. Reflect on your past, what made you unhappy in your previous job and what you’d like to change for the future. What interests you? What are your skills? Could you turn them into a career? Write these thoughts down and begin to think about how you can achieve these goals.

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A goal. Go somewhere where you feel inspired. We all need goals to keep us motivated and on track. Write down your ultimate goals, both career and personal. Write down the steps you need to take to arrive at your goal. If you’d like to make a big career change, note skills you need to learn or courses and additional training that will help you along the way.

Take a risk. Take an adventure. Every big change is a risk. It´s uncertain grounds and sometimes it’s easier to stay comfortable and safe. Changing your job or career is scary, but there will always be help along the way. Remember to network with your contacts, learn the skills you need to for the job you want, and when you’re ready to take the big jump, we’ll be here.

In the words of T.S. Eliot, Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

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Believe. Go somewhere big. The most important part of change is believing in yourself. You know what you want, and you know how to get it. Now you’ve just got to get out there and spread your wings! 

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