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Big Data and HR? Our answer: Job Market Insights

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JobisJob has developed a tool that allows you to compare your job offer data to the market and get a clear vision of your market positioning and market share, with the capability to monitor your current partners and qualify potential customers.


Since the creation of the Internet, the growth of social media and the widespread use of smartphones, the focus has now shifted towards the strategies and tools needed to process and interpret such complex, large data sets. The ability to study and interpret this information will help determine the future successes and failures of companies. Of course, the HR sector isn’t excluded from this development.

The whole world is talking about it: “Big Data”. Whether it’s the spread of a severe flu, the weather or consumer behaviour, Big Data already plays an important role in all conceivable areas of everyday life. Companies and governments across the globe have a growing interest in maintaining and processing data in order to glean useful insights from them.

Big Data isn’t just for IT Departments

Due to the sheer size and complexity of the data involved, “Big Data” is often associated with the IT department. Ultimately, the collection and analysis of data does indeed require technical know-how. However, the insights that can be gained from Big Data sets are of course relevant for all departments in an organisation. In the field of Marketing and Business Development Big Data is already recognised as an important topic and companies are using Big Data to study market potential and predict future trends.

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What’s Happening to the Gender Gap in the Workplace?

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Why gender equality needs to be a focus in today’s economy.

gender in the workplace

Women have been fighting for gender rights, both inside and outside the workplace for centuries, and it seems, finally, the fight may be coming to an end, at least within the workforce. Currently in the United Kingdom, women make up 47% of the labour market, that’s over 14 million employed women. This means that over 67.2% of UK women are employed, a record breaking high.

It has been proven that balanced gender equality makes a more profitable company. Recent studies have told us that that the companies with a larger number of women in their workforce outperform competitors on many levels. Employing more female directors leads to company growth and decreases the chance of the company falling behind in the markets and may also prevent a company from going out of business.

The gender gap remains

Though this is good news, and a big step for women in the field, there comes a concern when women significantly outnumber men in certain fields. Currently, there is a worrying gap within the veterinary field as women make up three fourths of the incoming new veterinarians. However, though 1 in 3 females have a degree in health related studies and education, a smaller number, only 1 in 5, peruse degrees in business, finance, science or engineering. The business and banking world is still very much a male dominated force, and while many organisations and schools are doing what they can to get girls interested in STEM subjects, it may still take some time for mind-sets to shift.

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5 Ways to Look (and Sound) More Self-Confident

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Look around you; at the bus driver, at commuters on the train, at your friends and your colleagues. It’s easy to notice who’s confident, isn’t it? They’re usually the ones who look happy, who sit upright and who, if they catch you looking at them, smile back. Self-Confidence illuminates in those who have it and it gives them a sense of fearlessness. Those who have self-confidence are most likely to be successful in both their personal and professional life. Why is this? It’s because self-confidence gives us the feeling that we’re doing is exactly what we want and need to be doing.

5 Ways to Look More Confident

Self-Confidence, like any other skill, can be learned over time. And contrary to what you may believe, learning to be confident is easier than it looks.

Here are 5 easy ways to look (and sound) more confident

Whether you’re getting ready for a job interview or preparing for a meeting with important clients, your confidence (or hesitation) will be present.

Dress to Impress- ConfidenceLook the part. Remember that old saying, dress for success? Put it into practice. Try it out, put something on that makes you feel powerful; a nice, ironed shirt or black pants and a great pair of shoes. How do you feel? Now do the reverse. How do you feel in those pyjamas? In your tracksuit?

If you look the part, you’ll feel the part.

Posture. Body language sometimes says more than verbal language. If you’re slouching or looking down to the ground, you’re not going to seem confident. Carry your head high, throw your shoulders back (something our mums have told us to do over and over!) and smile. Act like you own the room, even if you don’t!

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8 Ways to Make the Job Search Easier

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The job search is difficult. We’re here to make it a little easier.

When finding a new job or changing careers, it’s important to have an open mind. This infographic touches on 8 topics that will help you facilitate the job searching process.

8 Ways to Make the Job Search easier JobisJob

Making the job search easier

If you’re not happy with your current job, change it! It is a risk and you’ll embark on uncertain territory, but if you’re unhappy with where you are now, it’s never too late to change jobs or even careers.

Find a job that will motivate you and one where your skillset will be used every day. Your options are limitless and companies look for candidates with a wide variety of talent.

You’re comfortable in your town but perhaps the perfect job is across the country.  Don’t be afraid to uproot and begin a new adventure! The United Kingdom is full of opportunities, limiting yourself to one destination will only make it harder to find a job.

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Show Me the Money, This Year’s Top Paid Sectors

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An inside peak into the UK’s top paid sectors.

If you’re just starting out your career in the Consultancy, IT-Telecomm, Science Research, Legal or Finance field, you’re in luck. These sectors were rated the top 5 highest paid sectors in the UK for 2015.

By using JobisJob big data, we were able to measure the average yearly salary for these jobs and the amount of offers within these sectors posted on JobisJob in 2014.

2015′s best paid jobs

The infographic also illustrates the top hiring cities and companies looking for candidates right now. Using actual job listings on JobisJob, we found the desired skills for each sector as well as the most popular job titles, which you’ll find listed within the infographic.

JobisJob best paid sectors 2015 UK

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