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Can Instagram Land Me My Next Job?

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How Instagram, the simple image sharing mobile app can land you your next big gig.

We know that social media can help us network, we know that sites like LinkedIn keep us up to date with labour market trends and draw recruiters to look at our profile. Instagram, the image sharing app, is also another valuable tool that we should consider when looking for a new job.

Can Instagram get me a job

Instagram: Who to follow

With Instagram, you get a sneak peek into the lives people across the globe. Love travel? Follow an Instagram featuring beautiful photographs of every part of the world. Need style advice? Follow a fashion enthusiast post everything from beach chic to business casual. But how does this help you in the job search?

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10 Ways to Motivate Yourself Throughout the Day

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Mornings are rough. Mornings at the beginning of the week, yes Monday, we’re looking at you, are especially rough. We’ve all been there; the alarm goes off at 7:00, we’ve planned a run before work but instead, we snooze until 8:15, grab an apple from the fridge and run to catch the tube. We know it’s good for our mind and body to wake up early, exercise and have a good breakfast before work, but sometimes it’s easier to stay in bed.

We’re here to help you break away from that old routine with 10 easy steps to follow throughout the day!

Getting motivated before work

Always try and plan out your days the night before. You want to wake up a bit earlier to work out? Decide on it before going to bed; if you’ve set the mentality, you’re more likely to wake up when you said you would.

Before pouring your morning tea or coffee, have a glass of water. While you sleep, your body becomes dehydrated; fuelling it with caffeine is not a good idea. Studies have shown that a glass of water first thing in the morning not only gives you the hydration your body needs but it may fire up your metabolism! A glass of water also gets your brain cells moving, causing you to feel less tired and moody throughout the day.

You’ve heard it before, and we’re about to tell you again. Exercising or stretching in the morning will help you be awesome all day. You’ll be happier, thanks endorphins, your mind will be more alert and you’ll have more energy. It’s a win-win!

Healthy cereal for Breafkast

Throw away those sugary cereals, they’ll only make you tired and possibly more hungry later in the morning. Opt for high fibre cereals like bran flakes or oatmeal. It doesn’t have to be a bland bowl: add nuts and berries and sprinkle a little cinnamon on top. Avocados are a power food! Spread half an avocado on whole wheat toast, add a poached egg to the top and you’ve got yourself a protein powered breakfast!

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5 Degrees That Lead to High Paying Jobs

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University fees cost students an average of £9,000 a year. If you’re a student studying in another city, add living expenses and you’re almost up to £20,000 a year for 4 years. Some students are probably wondering, is it worth it?

Degrees for High Paid Jobs

The labour market has always been very competitive and continues to be so. With a university degree, (and internships or volunteer experience) you’ll put yourself far ahead of other candidates. We took a look at this year’s highest paying jobs and the university degrees that’ll get you there.

The degrees for a high paid job

1. One of the world’s most important fields today is within the STEM subjects. That’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM encompasses a whole range of careers including medical manufacturing, telecommunications, software developing, computer analysing, and engineering of all kinds.

A science based degree will set you up for a stable, prosperous career in medicine and science and research. Depending on the field you’d like to pursue, the education level will differ. Some jobs may require post graduate studies, a master or doctorate degree. Currently on JobisJob, one of the highest paid positions listed is within the field of Dentistry, averaging a salary of £60,000-£80,000 per year. Other jobs directly relating to medicine may include nurses, which require less studies, as well as doctors, therapists and veterinarians.

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