Can Instagram Land Me My Next Job?

How Instagram, the simple image sharing mobile app can land you your next big gig.

We know that social media can help us network, we know that sites like LinkedIn keep us up to date with labour market trends and draw recruiters to look at our profile. Instagram, the image sharing app, is also another valuable tool that we should consider when looking for a new job.

Can Instagram get me a job

Instagram: Who to follow

With Instagram, you get a sneak peek into the lives people across the globe. Love travel? Follow an Instagram featuring beautiful photographs of every part of the world. Need style advice? Follow a fashion enthusiast post everything from beach chic to business casual. But how does this help you in the job search?

Companies are moving fast to keep up with the times and today, much of the candidate recruitment is done through social media sites. According to an eMarketer report, 1 in 4 people use social media, and recruiters are taking note of that as they look for the world’s best talent.

There are over 300 million active users registered on Instagram, 75 million of those use the application at least once a day. So you’re looking to work for a particular company? You can bet they’re among those 300 users. If you don’t know the company, go to Google and search the company name with Instagram after it. Example: JobisJob Instagram (You’ll find us!)

By following a company account, you’ll get an inside view into company culture, office life, daily tasks and responsibilities and any events the company may be hosting. You’ll also be one of the first to know if a company is hiring, as they’ll most likely post it on Instagram as well as job boards!

How to get noticed by a company

It’s true that job seekers in creative fields have an advantage. Take an illustrator, for example, she can create an account for her sketches and recent work, creating an online portfolio for all to see. A photographer, graphic designer, chef, food stylist and tattoo artist can do the same.

So how do you get noticed, even if you’re not applying for a job in a creative field? Stand out from the crowd; it doesn’t cut it to only like a company’s photos. Be engaged, when commenting, make sure your comment is well thought out, relevant and shows your interest or passion in the product, brand, etc.

companies on instagram

If you are looking for a position in a creative field, make your profile coherent and post only your best photographs advertising your best work. Think of Instagram as your always open portfolio for everyone to see.

And as it is with all social media platforms, your profile and what you post should be appropriate. Recruiters will take in what you post and comment into consideration when choosing candidates. A rule of thumb: Don’t post anything your mother or grandmother would disapprove of!

Jeannine for JobisJob

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