What Users Are Saying About JobisJob

JobisJob is more than just a tool you use for the job search. Our team is small, our office is lively and our kitchen is always stoked with fresh fruit and a full pot of coffee. When you use JobisJob for your job search, we want you to know that behind the bright orange logo is a hard working team doing their best to help you find your next job opportunity.

The JobisJob tools that we love

With our new (free) app, you can now job search from your mobile, receive job notifications and apply from wherever you are.

Our trends tool gives you an insight on the labour market in the 22 countries where we operate, so you’re always in the know!

In My Menu, you can save jobs that interest you, check out recommended jobs and even review previously visited job adverts. Want to connect with friends and acquaintances? Connect your JobisJob account with Facebook and Google+! You never know how far a little networking can get you.

What our users are saying

We love hearing from our users! Your comments help us improve where we need to and give us an insight into what users want and like about JobisJob.

Here are a few user comments that made us smile.

If you’ve used JobisJob and have a question, a complaint or want to give us a pat on the back, we’re always here to listen! Comment on this blog post or send a quick message to Customer Support.

really pleased copy

kept me updated copy

jobisjob has helped copy

very helpful copy

got the job

it helped me a lot copyi will recommend it

helped by sending copy

regular alerts copy

thanks for your support copy

found it on jobisjob copy

Jeannine for JobisJob

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