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How to Start Recycling in the Office

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Did you know that pollution directly affects more than 100 million people and it is one of the globe’s biggest threats?

Imagine you live in the countryside, plant tomatoes and ride your bicycle more than you drive your car. You live a healthy life and try to minimise your exposure to harmful gasses and waste. But did you know that pollution in China can change the weather in the United States? That it only takes 5 days for a polluted jet stream on one side of the world to reach the other? Now imagine you’re one of the 3.5 billion people in the world who live in a city; with bustling cars, traffic jams and factory fumes, pollution is always looming nearby.

city pollution

There are little things we can do every day to cut down on pollution. And since we spend almost 40 hours week in the office (sometimes even more), why not start by recycling at work.

Little things you can do to start recycling at the office

organic coffee recyle

Start your mornings with organic coffee. It’s easy to reach for the cheap coffee beans when stocking up on office goodies, but by spending a little more, we’re saving a lot more of the environment. Organic and Fair Trade coffee beans are grown in a way that does not inflict harm on the rainforest and are processed with the least amount of damage to the environment. You’ll also be supporting local coffee growers and farmers!

Start cleaning green. There are more germs on your desk than in the bathroom. If you didn’t know that, you’re probably lifting your hands from the keyboard and pushing your chair slowly from your desk in dread. It’s important to keep the office clean; your keyboard, desk, the kitchen, etc., but it’s even more important to use only green cleaning products. These products disinfect and clean just as well as regular cleaners but they don’t leave harmful chemicals in the air and around your workspace.

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What’s It Like to Work for Barclays?

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The rush of summer is winding down and if you’re looking for a change of pace, why not look to Barclays?

Working at Barclays

With more than 300 years of history behind them, Barclays could be your next choice in a career in Finance, IT-Telecommunications, Marketing and Media. Operating in over 50 countries worldwide, and with a customer base of over 48 million, you’re sure to find your fit!

Headquartered in London, Barclays also operates in more than 1,500 branches throughout the United Kingdom!

Why work for Barclays?

The best reasons we’ve found to start a career at Barclays.

If you’re just starting out. Barclays offers two create career initiative programs for its future employees. Apprenticeships are aimed at youngsters over the age of 16; the apprenticeship recruitment is based solely on attitude and not experience. Once a part of the program, the students will develop crucial work experience and even earn a competitive salary! They’ll get specific on the job training and learn everything they’ll need to know to succeed in the future.

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World’s Happiest Job | An Interview with a Florist

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As humans and as individuals, we’re always wondering, “What makes me happy?”. More often than not, what makes someone happy isn’t the traditional idea of success; money, a great career, etc, but rather it’s the simple things. Things like family, friends, laughing, waking up every day and not dreading the commute to work because you know once you arrive at your job you’re doing something you’re really proud to be doing. So, it didn’t come as a surprise when we read this BBC article stating that the UK’s happiest workers are florists and gardeners. Lucky for us, we happen to know a florist.

On being a florist

What’s your official job title?                              

Apprentice for a Jaclyn K. Nesbitt Designs

Explain a day in the life of a florist?

Everyday is different which is what makes this job so much fun and exciting. The planning and preperation for an event usually begins 3-4 days before the big day. This summer we worked on a few weddings and here’s how we’d get ready for the day.

florist interview


We start the morning by going to the flower mart and/or local farms to pick up flowers that we will use for the event. The afternoon is spent processing all of the flowers; trimming stems, picking off unwanted leaves, dethorning roses, putting all of the flowers in buckets of fresh water, and just giving them a little bit of love! The next day is spent arranging the foliage and flowers for centrepieces, aisle markers, bouquets, boutonnieres, and whatever the wedding might call for. We start pretty early on the day of the event, spending a good bit of time carefully packing up the van with all of the flowers we’ll utilize. Then we spend a few hours setting up on-site, to make sure everything looks the way we envisioned it to look.

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