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Happy Holidays from JobisJob

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Christmas 2015 JobisJob

Dear readers, With Christmas and New Year around the corner, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank all our readers for visiting our blog, for their participation and lovely comments during our raffles. We would especially like to thank those we were able to interview and for their inspiring stories they shared with us.

We had the opportunity to speak to Nando Parrado, who survived the Andes airplane crash in 1972 and today works in publishing and teaches about leadership. We also spoke to a young florist who has one of the happiest jobs in the world and she gave us a good insight into her profession.

To all job seekers, readers, partners and friends: We wish all of you very Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year 2016!

Dos and Don’ts at the Christmas Party

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There’s nothing like a social to spice up working life and at this time of year, offices are abuzz with excitement about the Christmas party.

Christmas party cupcakes (1)

It isn’t always clear what to expect of the night, but it’s important to consider what will be expected of you. So before you hit the eggnog, Lilli Hender from Office Genie highlights a few things you should and shouldn’t do at the office Christmas party – or, if it’s too late, what you should and shouldn’t have done!

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10 Simple and Elegant Christmas Decorations

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We’ll show you 10 original Christmas decorations you can make yourself – very cheaply!

Christmas decorations shouldn’t be the centre of the festivities in December, but you can’t deny that they light up the Christmas spirit. Like every year, we would like to share some simple ideas with you for decorating the office at Christmas without it being expensive: handmade Christmas decorations that are truly elegant. Original Christmas decorations that are sure to be noticed!


A glass candelabra which becomes a pretty holder for Christmas lights.

elegant DIY Christmas decorations

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Gift Ideas for Colleagues and Other Workaholics

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We’re still a couple of weeks away from Christmas, but it’s never too early to start thinking about gift ideas for your colleagues! This list may come in handy if your office partakes in an office gift exchange! It may be a bit challenging when you’re assigned someone you don’t have much in common with in the office Secret Santa (an issue for many colleagues in the office here at the moment at JobisJob). It can be just as tricky getting something for your sister’s boyfriend, whom you might also not know particularly well. Although … hasn’t he just started in a new job?

Whether for a colleague or a new member of the family, we are convinced that everyone would be thrilled to receive the following presents! What could be better than to receive something that you can use at the place you spend most of your day most days – the workplace.

Not all these gifts fit into the average Secret Santa budget range but the makers of the following products do also supply presents that fit various budgets and it’s definitely worth having a rummage around their websites. Have fun shopping!

Gift ideas | Our favourite accessories for the office 

Desk accessories, like this Desk Pad by Burning Love. Price: £38.


Mug with cookie compartment, on Etsy. Price: around  £10.

Cookie Holder Mu

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