10 Simple and Elegant Christmas Decorations

We’ll show you 10 original Christmas decorations you can make yourself – very cheaply!

Christmas decorations shouldn’t be the centre of the festivities in December, but you can’t deny that they light up the Christmas spirit. Like every year, we would like to share some simple ideas with you for decorating the office at Christmas without it being expensive: handmade Christmas decorations that are truly elegant. Original Christmas decorations that are sure to be noticed!


A glass candelabra which becomes a pretty holder for Christmas lights.

elegant DIY Christmas decorations

An even cheaper option is to substitute the candelabra for glass containers such as wine glasses or bottles:

Lights christmas decorations

If you would like to use candles to add a hint of light, a world of possibilities opens up that adapts to all budgets, such as, for example, creating Christmas decorations with glasses, candles, and colourful little Christmassy items.

reative christmas lights


These salt dough Christmas tree decorations are very simple to create and versatile because there are endless ways to personalise them. You can create them with or without moulds, colour them in lots of ways, with the company logo, or even write mottos, names of members of the team, wishes or dedications on them.

To create the salt dough, you just need to mix half a cup of salt, another half a cup of water and a cup of flour, knead and then bake for about 3 or 4 hours. At that point, the salt dough will be ready to colour.

salt dough christmas

salt dough christmas decorations


A photo frame containing a wish instead of a picture… Why not?

christmas decoration creative frame

 Or a frame that is itself the essence of the decoration, regardless of what it contains:

christmas decoration frame


To decorate a meeting room or the company reception area, you don’t need to pay out loads. This example will show you that a big decoration is not equivalent to big expenditure. The key is to choose a suitable glass container and the Christmas decorations it should contain, and combine them harmoniously.

elegant Christmas decorations


Gifts are also a symbol of Christmas: a time for sharing presents and smiles. Flooding the office with boxes and containers in pretty, original wrapping designed for the occasion will make you momentarily forget that what’s important is inside…

creative Christmas decorations

creative christmas gifts

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