4 Videos to Motivate You at the Start of the New Year

The new year just started and with it, that recurring moment when we make endless lists of firm resolutions. But, as if by art of magic, these resolutions fade away amongst excuses or false beliefs that we will impose them upon ourselves as the days, months or even years go by…

If you’re one of those people who are always saying: “Now’s not the time” or “I just can’t do it”, one of those who drag around their fear of failure like a hangman’s noose, or those who need that final shove to reach a turning point, you’re sure to love these videos. Because change begins by believing in it!

1. What’s important? The Swedish multinational IKEA made an interesting suggestion in their advertisement THE OTHER LETTER, based on a sociological experiment.

IKEA The Other Letter


2. What would you change about yourself? It’s curious that the older we grow and the more experience we have, instead of removing our blindfolds, we put them on…



3. Use sunscreen. It’s good advice, of course… But, surely, the last thing many of us take into account. Intense video and wise words…

Wear suncream


4. Many people die at 25 but are buried at 75. An allegation in favor of life, championed by the American rapper and activist Prince Ea.

Prince Ea most people die before 25


JobisJob wishes you a Happy New Year full of change. The change you desire and need. And, if that change shall involve a new job, or a first job, visit us! In 2016, we’ll keep working for you because that’s what makes us happy!

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