3 Applications for Improving Productivity

“The most productive work is that which comes from the hands of a happy man” (Víctor Pauchet)

We’re not alone. There are more and more applications designed to make our lives easier: being more productive in our professional environment; meeting targets effectively; and managing projects with maximum guarantees.

We suggest 3 applications with different purposes:

1. WOFFU.COM. Employee holiday manager. A jewel for the Human Resources department that means they can keep control of holiday days, overtime and absenteeism from work within the company. It’s easy to use and has lots of advantages to encourage you to say farewell to the classic Excel:

-          It can be accessed from any device.
-          It has various set-up and visualisation filters.
-          It sends email notifications of holiday requests, approvals and related comments.
-          It sends alerts regarding conflicts of dates within a department and regarding start dates for holidays.
-          It has a counter for overtime and absenteeism from work for subsequent conversion into holiday days.


For other similar options you can try whosoff.com or Timestatic.

2. TOGGL. Time control app. This tool helps draw up a diagnosis of working-day productivity. As the timer that it is, it records tasks and the time taken to perform them and provides statistical analysis, and even cost estimates if a specific value is assigned to time. Toggl can control individual and team activities.


3. FLOWSTATEPerfect for Brainstorming sessions. This app is dangerous because it pushes you to the limit, in literally 5 seconds. You are forced to type without stopping during the time-frame chosen otherwise all written content disappears and it’s available for both Mac and iOS. It’s a brilliant app for working sessions looking for creative ideas, as it prevents procrastination and or interruptions. The idea is to write your ideas and once you finish the session then you can go back and edit your work. It’s great for those who have writers block…


If you were looking for applications to organise business meetings, we have a post dedicated exclusively to that, which you can see here.

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