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Using JobisJob to find employment works. Through a very short video , we can explain, for example, the services we offer so that finding work doesn’t have to be a painful process, because our aim is to provide you with a extensive yet simple search. And not just through a video as, on the JobisJob channel on Youtube , you will find some very useful tips (a few of which are very healthy and tasty such as this one) to ensure your job search gets results.

But we are convinced that what interest you most are other user experiences so we’ve decided to strengthen their visibility in our “I got a job!” section, which you will find on the JobisJob home page.


In this section , you will find opinions given by other users who managed to find work through JobisJob. Their experiences will allow you to discover the advantages of this job search engine.

Some of the most frequent JobisJob attributes highlighted by users are:  ”direct, easy and free”, “effective” and “useful”. Amongst the services most valued by our users are the Job Alerts —notifications regarding new jobs depending on personalised search criteria— because, as one of our users says, they allow you “to keep up to date on job offers without having to spend any more time than you need to”. This service is also available on our app for  iOS  and  Android.

Another of the most valued services is Employment Trends, which analyses work opportunities depending on profile, preferred professional sector or town, for example, because, as another user comments, it allows you to “see the job market, salaries, supply and demand, and what the trend is so you can specialise.”

Discover everything JobisJob can offer you. And do so through other people with a similar background or requirements in the I got a job! section.

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