Professional Snuggler: Would You Pay for a Hug?

Would you pay for a hug, for a few hours of cuddling or to sleep curled up next to a stranger? How about charging money for this?


There is a new type of job that is rapidly gaining popularity in the United StatesCanadaAustralia and a few European countries, such as the United Kingdom, and which, due to its high demand and sizeable salary , is already starting to emerge in Latin American countries, such as Mexico and Colombia. The work of a professional snuggler or professional cuddler is not onlyunusual and well-paid, but surprisingly has emerged as one of the latest job trends.

Loneliness, depression and stress: The new gold mine?

It is sad that mental illness can be a business opportunity. But if the demand for this service is on the increase, it is because of society’s inability to provide a natural, free and caring remedy to the problem. Someone needs to provide some solutions…

According to the US-based agency, The Snuggle Buddies, one of the leading experts in emotional contact, the lack of human interaction can be a cause of depression, anxiety and stress. Hugs, touching and conversations with the right person can be the solution because they make you feel relaxed, improve self-esteem and sleep quality, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, among other benefits.

Requirements for being a professional snuggler

- No previous experience required.
- Any age or nationality.
- Friendly and confident.
- A positive outlook on life.
- Great communication and interaction skills.
- No prejudices.
- No fear of close contact. Very close.

Duties of a professional snuggler


Daily Mail / BeSnuggled

The main aim of a professional snuggler or cuddler is to make the client feel like they are not alone.  To do this, all sorts of activities are allowed and encouraged, apart from sexual relations. That is the line that cannot be crossed, although the professionals in this sector recognise that there are plenty of misunderstandings and that with so much contact, the “natural reactions” of the body can end up being uncomfortable.

The most common duties of a professional snuggler or cuddler, at the client’s request, are:

- Chatting.
- Touching.
- Singing.
- Dancing.
- Providing company at social events or parties.
- Hugging.
- Snuggling.

Being huggable is profitable: a professional snuggler’s income

The income varies depending on whether you work freelance or for an agency.

- Income through an agency. In the United States, where there are already over 20 companies running therapeutic cuddling businesses, a professional snuggler or cuddler can charge around $40 an hour.
For an entire evening with the client (with hugs, conversation, cuddles, sleeping curled up…), a professional cuddler can earn around $200 for 8 to 10 hours, taking into account that most of the time is spent asleep (cuddling or snuggling, which is still work, don’t forget).

- Income as a freelance. In Mexico, where this business is just getting underway, a professional cuddler can charge around 60 pesos/hour. In the United States, the rate is almost double that of working for an agency. With a good portfolio of clients, a professional cuddler can earn around $600 a day. What’s more, you can work from home with a minimum amount of infrastructure, and even in your pyjamas! Incredible, isn’t it?

A few thoughts to conclude…

- A can of worms. This new business is going to have a hard task putting an end to uncomfortable situations or misunderstandings. It surely won’t help that with the proliferation of this type of service, it may be adopted by undercover prostitution agencies.   

Fewer pills and more hugs. The increase in agencies specialising in emotional cuddling should raise the alarm and stimulate debate in the medical and scientific community: “Please, fewer medicines and sterile words and more cuddles”.

Would you work as a professional snuggler? What would be most uncomfortable for you? Share your experience!

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3 thoughts on “Professional Snuggler: Would You Pay for a Hug?

  1. John Stokes

    This sounds too good to be true, being paid to relax and be yourself. This job would be as mutually beneficial to the giver as the receiver.
    Things that spring to mind is that one would have to be completely professional about it. Your own opinions would have to take a back seat while you got on with pleasing the customer.
    What if the customer got a little personal or asked for a sexual favour and they were very appealing to yourself ? To be professional you would have to decline and get things back on track. But what would be the harm if both parties were in agreement ? This really is a can of worms.
    How would this be checked on. Would a team of sugar trap agents have to be deployed to check agents were keeping to a code of conduct?
    On the other hand how would customers be vetted to find out they are what they say they are and not some kind of mental person. So many questions.
    It does sound like a good job though.

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