The Most Creative Applications 2016

Every year we seek out the best creative applications from the past twelve months; 2016 was no exception in our search for the most original submissions. Creative applications that stand out from the crowd can improve your chances of getting that dream job by a considerable margin. As with our favourite creative applications from 2014 and the most creative applications in 2015, it’s not always only the most outstanding designs that win us over – original concepts and ideas are just as important. 2016 has produced some great applications by some very talented people; our four picks are briefly outlined below.

Étienne Duval

Étienne studied Architecture in France and Germany, and came up with a phenomenal video which he used to apply to architecture firm Bjarke Ingels, BIG. The video did the rounds in the industry, even reaching the renowned portal ArchDaily. Étienne tells us, “This video has been a giant step in my career. Of course it allowed me to kick the door of the office I wanted to work for, which was my initial goal, but it also opened me new unexpected perspectives, like making educational videos. The media attention was also a way to enhance my professional network.” Étienne Duval now works at BIG and we are equally thrilled by his creative online portfolio.

Lukas Yla

Marketing expert Lukas Yla is on the hunt for a job in marketing in San Francisco. Thanks to its large number of tech companies, San Francisco is possibly one of the most attractive destinations in the world to work in this field – and competition is tough. To get the attention of certain people and companies, Lukas doesn’t send his CV by email – he sends applications in the form of donut deliveries. But these donuts don’t just come from any old store, they come from the iconic Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. His unusual approach has garnered Lukas huge success on Twitter, and his story has been picked up by several media outlets.


Hayley Aroha

Hayley Aroha is a graphic designer from New Zealand, specialised in identity, typography, illustrations and packaging. We love all her work, but her self-promotional pack is especially fantastic.


Graham Allgood via Snapchat

Graphic designer Graham Allgood knew exactly where he wanted to do an internship: the Horizon Media agency. Of course, so did many other design students. And because plenty of applications via Facebook or Twitter had already been seen and done, Graham decided to apply via Snapchat. He designed his own geo filter on Snapchat and used the graphics to promote himself for a job at Horizon Media. Graham’s geo filter got over a thousand views, and he was invited for an interview at Horizon Media. See the full story here.


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