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Continuing with our series of articles about the sector trends in the UK at JobisJob we now analyse the evolution of the Health sector. As in the previous article about the IT-Telecomm sector, we will be focusing on the jobseeker’s interest and the job vacancies posted between March and May of 2017.

Interest of The Applicant For Employment


Top Searches in The Health Sector

British job seekers in the Health sector are especially interested in vacancies related to nursing, dental health, clinical coding, veterinary, mental health and physiotherapy. Searches in the mental health field are usually for apprenticeship or assistant jobs, while nursing applicants tend to search for higher-level positions.

Labour Market Trends in The Health Sector

Sector Growth in Terms of Total Job Offers

The Health sector accounts for around 8% of the UK’s total job offers, both in the period from March to May of 2017 and the period prior to that, mirroring the figures from the previous year. Taking into account the growth in the total job offers compared to previous periods, it is clear that both the job market and the Health sector itself have reduced their hiring capacity by virtually the same proportion compared with the previous year. Nevertheless, while the UK job market has seen a slight increase in the total number of job offers compared with the previous period, there has been a 9% reduction in its demand for talent.




Average Sector Salary vs. Average National Salary

The average sector salary for the March to May 2017 period has remained in line with the global market.


Distribution of Salary Ranges by Sector and Distribution of Salaries by Country

The majority of job offers in the Health sector over the last 3 months are in the £20,000 – £40,000 salary range, around 10 percentage points higher than the UK market average. However, the sector’s salary range distribution is similar to that of the global market, showing no significant changes from previous periods. Health_Sector_Report_Salaries_Range

Average Sector Salary by Region

The regional differences in the average Health sector salary show no significant changes at a national level, although the average salary is slightly lower in Scotland and undoubtedly receives a higher number of job offers from abroad.


Average Sector Salary by City

London and Birmingham are the two cities where most of the Health sector jobs are concentrated. They also have the highest average salary. These cities have seen a reduction in the number of job offers compared with the previous period, but their average salary has increased.

Health_Sector_Report_Salaries_Cities1 Health_Sector_Report_Salaries_Cities2 Health_Sector_Report_Salaries_Cities3jpg

Distribution of Total Job Offers


Distribution of Sector Job Offers by Region.

There is a significant gap between the number of Health sector job offers recorded in England and the rest of the UK. Also, in the British market, more vacancies were posted for jobs abroad than in Northern Ireland, for all of the periods under analysis.


 Distribution of Sector Job Offers by City.

As expected, London leads the way in terms of hiring capacity, with 10% of the total jobs offers in this sector. Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Liverpool, all with a similar proportion of job offers (between 1% and 2%), together account for around 6% of the total health sector job offers.

Health_Sector_Report_Offers_Cities1 Health_Sector_Report_Offers_Cities2 Health_Sector_Report_Offers_Cities3

Job Types 


Job Types by Sector

The most commonly specified employment contract is permanent, down 4 percentage points on the previous period. This is followed by full-time, which, in contrast, has increased compared with the previous period. Likewise, compared with the same period from the previous year, permanent has increased by roughly 1% and full-time by around 0.5%.


Top Hiring Companies


Top Employers Posting Most Job Offers in The Sector.

The NHS is the top employer in the 3 periods under comparisonHealth_Sector_Direct_Employers1JPG Health_Sector_Direct_Employers2JPG Health_Sector_Direct_Employers3

BMI Healthcare Ltd has increased its number of job offers compared with the previous period and the previous year, making it the second largest employer in the sector. Meanwhile, Barchester Healthcare has improved compared with the previous period but is still down on last year’s figure. Specsavers Optical Group, however, is in a worse position for both of these periods.

Top Recruitment Agencies Posting Most Job Offers in The Sector

This recent period has seen no significant changes in the top recruitment agencies, with Jupiter Recruitment and Newcross Healthcare remaining in front. Only third position has changed, with Your World Nursing Limited taking the place of Appoint Group.

However, compared with the previous year, Newcross Healthcare has worsened its position, moving down from first to second on the list.

Health_Sector_Report_Top_Recruiting2 Health_Sector_Top_RecruitingJPG Health_Sector_Report_Top_Recruiting3

Job Title

This section analyses the top skills and the top job titles in the sector.

Top Skills by Sector

Compared with other sectors, the Health sector is noteworthy for its regulation. In the nursing sector in particular, it represents an area of great importance. To work as a nurse in the UK, you need to have the title of Registered Nurse(RGN) from the Nursing and Midwifery Council. This can be obtained from any of the authorised centres, such as universities. In addition to the title of Registered General Nurse (RGN), which is usually divided according to the age of the patients (children and adults), the role of Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN) is also in reasonably high demand. This differs in terms of its training and its communicative approach due to the characteristics of mental health patients. Finally, there is also a lower non-registered category associated with healthcare and assistant jobs.

Top Job Titles of The Sector

In the Health sector, the top job titles show few changes in terms of the total numbers and geographical distribution, with Care Assistant, Registered Nurse and Staff Nurse in the lead. This distribution remains the same in almost all of the main regions of the UK, such as England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, as well as in major cities such as London, Leeds and Bristol. In the remaining areas, the only change is a rotation in the positions of these jobs titles.



Top Job Titles by Salary Range.

The most common income for Care Assistant is in the ‘up to £20,000′ range. Staff Nurse has the most job offers in the £20,000 – £40,000 range, followed by Registered Nurse. Nursing Home Manager is the leading job title in the £40,000 – £60,000 range. Finally, Associate Dentist has the highest number of job offers in the three highest ranges of £60,000 – £80,000, £80,000 – £100,000 and £100,000+

Health_Sector_Report_TopJobtitles_salary_range1 Health_Sector_Report_TopJobtitles_salary_range2 Health_Sector_Report_TopJobtitles_salary_range3 Health_Sector_Report_TopJobtitles_salary_range4 Health_Sector_Report_TopJobtitles_salary_range5 Health_Sector_Report_TopJobtitles_salary_range6

Top Job Titles Most Difficult to Cover

It is particularly striking that the most difficult positions to cover coincide with the job titles in the previous section.


Sources and Methods

For user interest analysis (section 1), internal JobisJob data has been used, while for everything related to offers, salaries and job titles (section 2), the data has been extracted from Job Market Insights. Job Market Insights is out Big Data tool used as a market research tool by the main agents involved in the Employment sector.


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