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In a previous article, we declared that the work-life balance is a thing of the past and that businesses will soon have to adjust to the work-flex requirements of Generation Y. This doesn’t mean, of course, that balancing one’s work and leisure hours will become any less important. On the contrary, the work-life balance will continue to be a significant issue for employees and companies alike. It is simply the case that clear boundaries between one’s professional and private life are no longer particularly realistic in the digital age.

Offices of the future
will also adapt to these new circumstances; in fact, there are already a number of workplaces that have long ceased to resemble the traditional office of the past and instead look more like private living rooms or spa retreats. For digital nomads, coworking spaces have sprung up in metropolises across the globe, while those working from home can make the most of garden offices – spots that could hardly be more practical or appealing. We especially like these office trends of the future:

Coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are communal offices rented predominantly by freelancers, start-ups and creative types. Such venues for temporary coworking can now be found in virtually all the big cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; Berlin, for example, even has a few hundred.

Mobile offices

The KantoorKaravaan project hails from the Netherlands, and offers office and conference rooms in attractive natural settings. It hires out office space either outdoors and/or in renovated caravans. But it’s not just nature-loving freelancers who can book a workspace with KantoorKaravaan; companies too can rent KantoorKaravaan for workshops, seminars or work weeks.


Source: © 2016 Kantoorkaravaan

Home offices

Another popular trend is the home office. To date, the home office model hasn’t been able to gain much of a foothold in Europe. Some firms, mainly American, such as Microsoft, have introduced flexi-time in Germany for working at the office.Betahaus in Berlin


Source: © 2016 betahaus


Source: © 2016 betahaus


Source: © 2016 betahaus

Hubud in Ubud, Bali

Green House in London

Office Club in Berlin


Source: ©2017 Office Club

Surfoffice in Spanien und Portugal


Source:© 2016 Surfoffice


Designer offices

On the one hand, office times and a fixed workspace have become obsolete in the digital age, but then again offices are also becoming ever more attractive. The most spectacular offices in the world are sumptuously designed and tempting enough for employees to spend a fair bit of time inside them. Even taking a little nap here and there no longer presents an issue thanks to designer office products. The swing table by Duffy London, for example, makes any meeting a more relaxed affair.


Source: © 2016 Duffy

Environmentally-friendly Waldorf offices

Rounded corners and environmentally-friendly architecture doesn’t just mark out the Waldorf school architectural style. The following designers have also designed ecological workspaces: The Archipo von Podzook:


Source: © 2016 Podzook

Modular House von Biggs Group Architecture:


Source: © 2016 Biggs Group Architecture

Garden offices

We can’t really confirm whether or not many examples of this next trend have actually been implemented yet, but we would certainly like to see more of them in the future: garden offices. In England the best garden offices around are created by the company Green Studios. This little summer house would also serve as the perfect outdoor workspace! Possibly its best feature is that it can be rotated to make the most of the sunshine. Garden offices are now incredibly popular in England. Find out more on the website Shedworking and in the book with the same name.

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  1. Nena

    Thank you for this informative article – I absolutely enjoyed reading it :) My favorite part of this article was the “Mobile offices” part because I could imagine working in something like this too. Due to the great scenery, there is a huge possibility to escape the daily work routine and come up with new ideas. As an independent insurance agent I am most of the time on the road with my car. Sometimes I drive the same route two times a day. Afterwards I come home and do a lot of paperwork (very monotonous). Therefore I really have to try your “Mobile Office in the nature” idea someday!
    A few days ago I read another article about “Mobile offices”. Since then I like to convert my car so that I can do mobile office too. For this reason I search for an opportunity to store my documents and material property in my car. So far, I have only discovered so-called auto-assistants, but they are so unwieldy. Is there any other article from you which can help me with this? Or do you have any idea?
    Many thanks in advance! :)

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