“Secret Santa is Coming to The Office”

How can we bring tradition, togetherness, fun and magic to Christmas time at our daily workplace in the final month of the year? We all know the answer: Secret Santa.  Yes, we all know that playing Secret Santa can be very entertaining, especially when it’s your boss’s idea.

But… Your smile suddenly freezes when you discover the name of the person hidden in your inbox or on a slip of paper with the subject “Secret Santa”. It’s at that moment that a terrible dilemma arises and smashes your enthusiasm for this Christmas game into smithereens. What should I get? What should I get?  And suddenly you remember why you swore to yourself that you wouldn’t take part in it again. So, without realising, you’ve given in to that peer pressure and the good cheer that goes along with Christmas spirit. The game, without a doubt, can be a welcome escape from the daily grind, the reward is that you get to know a colleague better.

Secret Santa

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The dynamic is well known by everyone. Nevertheless, we can try new ways to liven up this game.

  • “Very very Secret Santa”. This involves never revealing who has bought a present for whom. Cheating is not allowed! It seems easy, but we all have a colleague who is a bit of a blabbermouth. There also is a new variation where each participant has to bring an impersonal small gift such as a box of chocolates, a mug or a book. These are put into a sack and each participant has to take out their present. For all those who have a love-hate relationship with this game, this is the best option, as you are not directly assigned a Secret Santa. Each person brings a present and you receive a present at random. And that’s it!
  • “Thematic Secret Santa”. Participants choose a generic theme around which all the gifts have to revolve. The gifts have to relate to themes such as cinema, food or sport, for example.
  • “Secret Impersonator”. This involves giving a gift that alludes to the identity of your Secret Santa. The allusion can be explicit or implicit, as long as it is humorous. You could give a personalised Funko Pop or an object that characterises the person.
  • “Secret Scrooge”. Look for any old item that you have lying around the house that you never use. The aim of this game is to have a good laugh while everybody unwraps these old “treasures”.
  • “Secret Santa with Clues”. Do you think you know your work colleagues well? Let’s see if you got it right. In the days prior to giving the gift, the participants have to provide clues such as cards, riddles or mysterious small gifts to their Secret Santa. On the day the gift is given, each member of the group has to guess who their Secret Santa is.

Christmas is a time to share love, happiness and friendship among those closest to you. During this period, the rule of giving and receiving and sharing with joy and enthusiasm prevails. Secret Santa can be a perfect excuse for spending a festive time with your work colleagues and team building. Choose the version that is most suitable for your company and have  fun!



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