Infographic: The French Labour Market – October 2017

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Job Market Insights is a big data tool that analyses data from the different markets where Jobisjob is present and throws light on some interesting facts about the labour market. Jobisjob has carried out an overall analysis of the French market in October. The following infographic includes the most relevant issues and outlines different market trends for you in a matter of seconds.

As we can see in the graphic, in the Job boards category job, Meteojobs has the most published offers in October with more than 15% of the market share. Job Market Insights allows you to evaluate how many companies are posting and how many offers are being posted. This information can be personalised according to your preference. We can also become acquainted with which are the most important recruitment agencies on an international level, such as Adecco or Randstad and on a national level, such as Completude. We can also see the cities with the highest number of job offers.

Finally, some of the most interesting data we can access with Job Market Insights is the hard-to-fill positions, meaning those offers most demanded, but not covered by anyone. The top 3 sectors leading this category are Computing, Commerce and Industry. We can also learn about top job titles, those with the highest number of offers, which in this case would be the Hôtellerie-Restauration section, Commercial Adviser, Cook and Maintenance Technician.

These results are based on the analysis of more than 820k offers published across France and offers a privileged 360ª view of the labour market. For further in-depth information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Nous vous présentons une infographie avec des données extraites par notre outil Job Market Insights sur le marché du travail français au cours du mois d’octobre. Cette analyse nous permet de tirer des conclusions sur les tendances du marché et nous permet de connaître des données pertinentes, comme par exemple les localités où la plupart des offres sont concentrées géographiquement. Job Market Insights est un outil qui vous permet de personnaliser vos critères de recherche en fonction de vos intérêts et offre des résultats issus de l’analyse de toutes les informations que nous possédons, et ce grâce à la détention de plus de 85% des offres de chaque pays où nous sommes présents.

Dans le document, nous pouvons observer les plus importants sites d’emploi en France, comme par exemple Meteojob, Beepjob et Leboncoin. Il fournit également les agences de recrutement les plus puissantes sur le marché, ainsi que le nombre d’offres publiées par chacun d’entre eux.

Le document nous donne aussi des informations sur lesintitulés d’emploi les plus populaires sur le marché au cours du mois d’Octobre, avec le nombre total correspondant à chacun d’entre eux mais également la catégorie la plus intéressante et la plus pertinente à prendre en compte: les postes difficiles à pourvoir. Il Indique les secteurs de l’emploi pour lesquels les postes vacants sont les plus difficiles à combler, là où il est le plus facile de trouver du travail et là où les entreprises insistent le plus pour chercher à occuper leurs postes.

Si vous souhaitez obtenir plus d’informations sur l’outil ou sur le marché du travail français, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter!

Job Market Insights Infographics France

JobisJob competition | Take part in the forum and win an Amazon gift card

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The JobisJob Forum is a virtual space to share experiences and answer questions. Take part and enter the competition to win a gift card



Getting a job that satisfies our needs is not an easy task, and can sometimes turn into an arduous process that fails to achieve the expected results. But, if you’ve already used the JobisJob website, you’ll know that it can be far simpler and more achievable than you imagined. We are now offering more features and have increased the chances of finding online users who have had similar experiences and want to share their experiences and tips to help everyone to achieve the professional success they are looking for. We are presenting this tool, which we are really proud of, as a virtual communication space that encourages discussion and the sharing of advice between users. The JobisJob Forum is available in the 28 countries where we currently operate and its objectives include answering questions, sharing experiences and providing information on job market trends.


In order to encourage more and more users to join this great community and ensure that its use becomes even more widespread, JobisJob is organising a competition where the winners will receive an Amazon gift card. Taking part is as simple as posting on the forum. The aim is to encourage users to learn how it works and how to use it to help them to answer all of their questions or share their personal and professional experiences. For now, the contest is being run only in certain countries, but will be available in others at a later date. The 3 competitions at present are:

-       JobisJob UK

-       JobisJob Mexico, JobisJob Colombia and JobisJob South Africa

-       JobisJob France, JobisJob Poland, JobisJob Germany and JobisJob Austria.


Users can take part as many times as they wish by commenting on the forum, provided that the comments are not repeated and are related to forum’s purpose. You can take part either by posting a comment on an already existing thread or by posting a new question or topic.  To qualify for the competition, all posts must be in line with the policies of the company and the contest rules. The more you take part, the greater your chance of winning!
The contest winner will be selected at random from all of the comments published on the platform. The deadline for taking part ends on 13 November, and the winner will be announced 10 days after this date on the official JobisJob social networks. The winner will be contacted via email.

Infographic: The South African Labour Market – September 2017

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JobisJob has carried out an overall analysis of the South African labour market for September 2017. We have summarised all the information in the following infographic. With Job Market Insights, our state-of-the-art Big Data Tool, we are able to answer multiple questions that will reveal the different market trends for you in a matter of seconds. Which are the top publishing job boards in the market? Which are the recruitment agencies with the highest market share of job offers? Which sectors have the most difficult vacancies to cover? Which are the cities that generate the highest number of job offers? What job titles are most in demand? All this along with other highly relevant data

This study was based on +98K job offers published across the country by major job boards and recruitment agencies. It will give you a privileged 360º view of the labour market. Making informed decisions was never so easy!

ZA Infografia Sept2017

Real Estate and Construction Jobs: Labour Market Trends in The UK 2017

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Real Estate-UK-Report-2017

On this occasion, JobisJob will be analysing the ins and outs of employment in the real estate sector. As with our previous analyses of the health and IT sectors, we will be exploring the data on job titles, job types, salaries, top locations and hot leads, as well as job seekers’ search interests. This time, however, the period under analysis with our Big Data tool Job Market Insights will cover the first quarter of 2017 and compare it with the period immediately prior to that and the same period from 2016. Job Market Insights is a state-of-the-art tool that allows detailed analysis of the jobs market to be carried out thanks to a large number of job offers it compiles from the leading job boards and recruitment agencies.

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JobisJob: It’s our 10th year together

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2017 is the year of the decade: a decade of growth, together. During this time, we’ve been able to manage millions of job offers from the leading job exchanges and employment agencies in the countries where we operate, and perfected our search systems to help you find your ideal job.

We’ve grown and we’ll keep on growing! We currently operate in 28 countries around the world, because we don’t want your job search to meet any barriers. That’s also why we keep on improving and implementing new features on the JobisJob app (available for IOS and Android): to help you find work where you want, when you want. You just need to decide where to click.

We’re a team and also a community that is always at your disposal. The JobisJob Forum allows you to share your doubts and experiences, because we want you to be happy at work and not let problems hold you back.

As a job search engine, processing millions of job offers over these 10 years has placed us in a unique position to detect job market trendsJob Market Insights is an exciting project that has established itself this year as a big data tool capable of offering precise, cross-sectoral and customised analysis of the job market to both the leading recruitment agencies and job seekers alike.

10 years together: the year of the decade. Thank you for moving forward with us. JobisJob may be a job search engine, but our engine is you.