New Recruitment Trends 2016

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staff-selection-recruitment-trendsNew trends, practices and techniques in personnel recruitment that are set to become established throughout 2016. Just when it looks like you have all the answers, the questions change.

It appears that recruitment processes tend to follow that dynamic. In addition to the new personnel recruitment techniques that we mentioned some time ago, there are other practices used by companies to attract desired talent that are worthy of note. Some are not new but they are now beginning to become established and used intensively.

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Big Data and HR? Our answer: Job Market Insights

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JobisJob has developed a tool that allows you to compare your job offer data to the market and get a clear vision of your market positioning and market share, with the capability to monitor your current partners and qualify potential customers.


Since the creation of the Internet, the growth of social media and the widespread use of smartphones, the focus has now shifted towards the strategies and tools needed to process and interpret such complex, large data sets. The ability to study and interpret this information will help determine the future successes and failures of companies. Of course, the HR sector isn’t excluded from this development.

The whole world is talking about it: “Big Data”. Whether it’s the spread of a severe flu, the weather or consumer behaviour, Big Data already plays an important role in all conceivable areas of everyday life. Companies and governments across the globe have a growing interest in maintaining and processing data in order to glean useful insights from them.

Big Data isn’t just for IT Departments

Due to the sheer size and complexity of the data involved, “Big Data” is often associated with the IT department. Ultimately, the collection and analysis of data does indeed require technical know-how. However, the insights that can be gained from Big Data sets are of course relevant for all departments in an organisation. In the field of Marketing and Business Development Big Data is already recognised as an important topic and companies are using Big Data to study market potential and predict future trends.

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All You Need to Know About Recruitment Agencies

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Remember in primary school when you had a crush? You wouldn’t tell the boy you liked him, instead you’d ask your friend to ask him if he was interested. She’d maybe slip your name into conversation or you would have her pass him a note decorated with purple hearts. Well, recruitment agencies kind of work in the same way. They are an intermediary between a company looking to fill an empty position and a job seeker looking to find the perfect fit.

How do recruitment agencies work?

For any company, the hiring process is a long and tiresome one, often costing the employer a great deal of time and money. In most cases, companies use an external recruiter, a recruitment agency.

using a recruitment agency

Source: Startup Stock Photos

Recruitment agencies work with a vast number of employers within all fields and job types. When a position in an organisation opens up, the position details and descriptions are sent to the recruitment agency. The recruitment agency looks through its database of job seekers and selects the candidates that best fit the job title. Agencies that have close relationships with organisations are also able to identify candidates that fit the company environment. Once the selection process has been completed, the agency notifies candidates to set up an interview with the hiring company.

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The World’s Coolest Recruiting Campaigns

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Businesses are always on the look-out for talent because they know that dedicated employees are the key to success. They also know that unhappy employees, who might leave after a year, cost companies a lot of money.

These six companies went beyond the routine recruitment methods. Not only did they devise creative job adverts, they conceived whole recruiting campaigns to reach and impress suitable potential employees. What is not well known is that each of these companies sought professional assistance and worked with famous advertising agencies. So don’t be too hard on yourself, this kind of viral recruiting campaign almost always requires the help of experts and a corresponding budget. But agencies keep the best ideas for themselves, for their own recruiting campaigns to attract talent in the advertising world, and to get them to apply.

Successful creative recruiting campaigns

  • NETEYE for Robert Bosch in Turkey and world wide

‘The 5 Minute Internship’ recruiting campaign was organised in Turkey in 2014 and it, too, is completely unique. Young talent were offered the chance to apply for a mini-internship via Facebook and to have a short talk with Robert Bosch employees at their offices to get to know the company. 2014 was the year of international employer branding campaigns and not unlike the Swiss Explorer campaign by Swiss Air, Robert Bosch organised an international campaign under the title “Bosch World Experience 2014”.

The mini-internship at Robert Bosch was hosted in Turkey:


  • Little Sister Films from New Zealand for Deloitte

This is an exceptional campaign! It’s a surprising, interactive campaign that offers an authentic insight into everyday life at the Deloitte offices. It presents the consultancy firm’s most important corporate values in a very likeable, approachable way. You’ll find it here.

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The Five Most Important Social Recruiting Tools

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social recruiting toolsA lot of HR managers are putting social recruiting at the top of their list of priorities for 2015. But it comes with a couple of question marks. A huge number of new methods and tools have been added to the traditional recruiting mix over the last few years. There are speed recruiting events, and creative job adverts that can be shared quickly and easily via job exchanges, job search platforms and through social media. As one example shows below, some companies have even been able to completely abandon traditional ways of recruiting staff.

Placing and distributing traditional job adverts is, of course, still the core method for reaching potential applicants and getting them excited about working for a company. Social recruiting won’t be able to replace standard HR recruiting strategies overnight. The main objective of HR recruiting is to get suitable applicants interested in working for a company. If potential employees are active on the internet, social recruiting strategies are suitable as an additional way of getting information out. Through social media, they’re able to make contact with candidates and draw attention to the careers page and the current job availability. You should keep an eye on the following social recruiting tools.

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