Annual Infographic Report: The Polish Labour Market – 2017

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What happened in the Polish labour market during the last year? Job Market Insight, our Big Data tool keeps you abreast of all the information and trends related to vacancies, top locations and main agents of the labour market. All this summarised in a single infographic! Data is knowledge and our data will help you grow!

Job Market Insights Infographics Poland 2017.pdf


If you are interested in other countries you can find the whole series here



Annual Infographic Report: UK Labour Market – 2017

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2017 has been an interesting year for the labour market in the UK. After our previous infographics and reports by categories, let’s look back and see the whole picture. As usual you will find all the information about vacancies, salaries and job titles summarised in the next infographic. Stay abreast in the era of Big Data with Job Market Insights, the only tool that offers you the knowledge for growing!

Job Market Insights Infographics UK 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH. We cannot imagine a better way to start… From JobisJob we would like to thank you for trusting in our job search engine.

In 2017 not only did we expand your opportunities by increasing the number of job vacancies but also by opening up 2 new markets: Guatemala and Uruguay.  Because in our perception there are neither borders nor barriers.

2017 has been a great year for Job Market Insights, our Big Data Tool for an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the labour market. A great year with great projects, and we will keep doing so in 2018.

We wish you great success and prosperity in the coming year. Life is full of adventures and challenges. In the words of the writer and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson: “He who is not every day conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.”

JobisJob will keep on innovating and creating value for the sake of our users. Our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year that is just around the corner. JobisJob- Christmas-2018

Infographic: The Polish Labour Market – November 2017

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After the South African and French labour markets, now we take a look at the Polish Labour Market. This infographic series shows data from Job Market Insights, our Big Data Tool for the analysis of the job posting market trends. As in the previous insights, information covers job boards and recruitment agencies with the highest market share, locations that concentrate the biggest amount of job vacancies, job titles with plenty of job opportunities and also those vacancies which companies are desperately looking to fill.

Moreover, all this information just scratches the surface! Job Market Insights Infographics Poland

“Secret Santa is Coming to The Office”

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How can we bring tradition, togetherness, fun and magic to Christmas time at our daily workplace in the final month of the year? We all know the answer: Secret Santa.  Yes, we all know that playing Secret Santa can be very entertaining, especially when it’s your boss’s idea.

But… Your smile suddenly freezes when you discover the name of the person hidden in your inbox or on a slip of paper with the subject “Secret Santa”. It’s at that moment that a terrible dilemma arises and smashes your enthusiasm for this Christmas game into smithereens. What should I get? What should I get?  And suddenly you remember why you swore to yourself that you wouldn’t take part in it again. So, without realising, you’ve given in to that peer pressure and the good cheer that goes along with Christmas spirit. The game, without a doubt, can be a welcome escape from the daily grind, the reward is that you get to know a colleague better.

Secret Santa

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