Annual Infographic Report: UK Labour Market – 2017

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2017 has been an interesting year for the labour market in the UK. After our previous infographics and reports by categories, let’s look back and see the whole picture. As usual you will find all the information about vacancies, salaries and job titles summarised in the next infographic. Stay abreast in the era of Big Data with Job Market Insights, the only tool that offers you the knowledge for growing!

Job Market Insights Infographics UK 2017

Christmas Job Trends in the UK 2017

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As Christmas is almost here, many of you will be probably looking for a job related to these special days. Christmas always represents an opportunity to get a job, since brands create campaigns and a bigger workforce is required. Either if you are a student looking for earning some money or you just want to get more experience, retail, customer service or logistics are growing sectors which have plenty of vacancies waiting for you. So, in order to help you achieving this aim we have summarised some relevant information of the Christmas Job Trends 2017*. Read on and start the New Year with some dosh in your pocket. Edinburgh-Christmas-Market Continue reading

Hard-to-Fill Positions Analysis in United Kingdom – October 2017

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This article presents a brief summary of the hard-to-fill positions during October 2017 in the UK. To extract and analyse the data, we have used our big data technology tool Job Market Insights, which provides us with an in-depth picture of the job market trends and the hard-to-fill positions in the jobs market.

About Hard-to-Fill positions. Hard-to-fill positions are vacancies being posted multiple times on paid sites with periods of up to 2 weeks in-between.  These are hot leads, positions that are being paid for by companies and are in desperate need of qualified candidates.

Firstly, we are going to give details of the the hard-to-fill positions from a general point of view at a national level.  We will also show the characteristics of these types of vacancies based on the data from the city or cities that register a representative amount of job offers in each of the regions.


In October 2017, the total number of hard-to-fill positions (10,884) accounted for 1% of the total vacancies published. In the sections that follow, we are going to provide information from different perspectives, looking at: the most frequently requested job title, salary range, location and issuing company.
If we analyse in terms of the most frequently requested job title, we can see that vacancies from Social Services and Sales sectors come out on top. From a salary perspective, almost 55% of the hard-to-fill positions are in salary ranges of less than £40,000 and around 28% have salaries less than £20,000.  Generally speaking, these are vacancies that are demanding customer service jobs with low salaries.
London is the location with the significant majority of hard-to-fill positions, accounting for 21% in total. We can see that the company ranking is dominated by large companies and organisations from the commodities and Health sectors.

UK – Oct’17 Hard -to -fill positions by Job Title

UK – Oct’17 Hard -to -Fill positions by Job Title

UK – Oct’17 Hard -to -Fill positions by Salary.

UK – Oct’17 Hard -to -Fill positions by Salary

UK – Oct’17 Hard -to -Fill positions by Location

UK – Oct’17 Hard -to -Fill positions by Location

UK – Oct’17 Hard -to -Fill positions by Company

UK – Oct’17 Hard -to -Fill positions by Company




England maintains the total of 1% of hard-to-fill positions as a proportion of the total number of job offers in the market. The proportion of vacancies by location is similar both in terms of the global distribution of job offers and the distribution of hard-to-fill positions. The main yet subtle difference is in Birmingham, which is the third-placed city in England in terms of its total number of job offers published, but at the bottom of the top 5 in terms of its hard-to-fill positions.

England Oct ’17 – Distribution of Hard-to-Fill positions by Location

England Oct ’17 – Distribution of Hard-to-Fill positions by Location

England Oct ’17 – Distribution of total job offers by Location

England Oct ’17 – Distribution of total job offers by Location


London – Hard-to-Fill Positions in October’17

Around 24% of England’s hard-to-fill positions are concentrated in London. This percentage is significantly higher than that of the other cities that have published large numbers of job offers.  Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and Birmingham account for only 9% of England’s total number of hard-to-fill positions.

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Infographic: The French Labour Market – October 2017

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Job Market Insights is a big data tool that analyses data from the different markets where Jobisjob is present and throws light on some interesting facts about the labour market. Jobisjob has carried out an overall analysis of the French market in October. The following infographic includes the most relevant issues and outlines different market trends for you in a matter of seconds.

As we can see in the graphic, in the Job boards category job, Meteojobs has the most published offers in October with more than 15% of the market share. Job Market Insights allows you to evaluate how many companies are posting and how many offers are being posted. This information can be personalised according to your preference. We can also become acquainted with which are the most important recruitment agencies on an international level, such as Adecco or Randstad and on a national level, such as Completude. We can also see the cities with the highest number of job offers.

Finally, some of the most interesting data we can access with Job Market Insights is the hard-to-fill positions, meaning those offers most demanded, but not covered by anyone. The top 3 sectors leading this category are Computing, Commerce and Industry. We can also learn about top job titles, those with the highest number of offers, which in this case would be the Hôtellerie-Restauration section, Commercial Adviser, Cook and Maintenance Technician.

These results are based on the analysis of more than 820k offers published across France and offers a privileged 360ª view of the labour market. For further in-depth information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Nous vous présentons une infographie avec des données extraites par notre outil Job Market Insights sur le marché du travail français au cours du mois d’octobre. Cette analyse nous permet de tirer des conclusions sur les tendances du marché et nous permet de connaître des données pertinentes, comme par exemple les localités où la plupart des offres sont concentrées géographiquement. Job Market Insights est un outil qui vous permet de personnaliser vos critères de recherche en fonction de vos intérêts et offre des résultats issus de l’analyse de toutes les informations que nous possédons, et ce grâce à la détention de plus de 85% des offres de chaque pays où nous sommes présents.

Dans le document, nous pouvons observer les plus importants sites d’emploi en France, comme par exemple Meteojob, Beepjob et Leboncoin. Il fournit également les agences de recrutement les plus puissantes sur le marché, ainsi que le nombre d’offres publiées par chacun d’entre eux.

Le document nous donne aussi des informations sur lesintitulés d’emploi les plus populaires sur le marché au cours du mois d’Octobre, avec le nombre total correspondant à chacun d’entre eux mais également la catégorie la plus intéressante et la plus pertinente à prendre en compte: les postes difficiles à pourvoir. Il Indique les secteurs de l’emploi pour lesquels les postes vacants sont les plus difficiles à combler, là où il est le plus facile de trouver du travail et là où les entreprises insistent le plus pour chercher à occuper leurs postes.

Si vous souhaitez obtenir plus d’informations sur l’outil ou sur le marché du travail français, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter!

Job Market Insights Infographics France

Health Sector: Labour Market Trends in The UK 2017

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Continuing with our series of articles about the sector trends in the UK at JobisJob we now analyse the evolution of the Health sector. As in the previous article about the IT-Telecomm sector, we will be focusing on the jobseeker’s interest and the job vacancies posted between March and May of 2017.

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