Digital Footprint: What do You Leave Behind on the Internet?

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Did you know that everything you do on the Internet stays on the Internet? That’s also called our digital footprint and has raised some issues about privacy. Let’s see the effects it can have on your job search.


What does your digital footprint reveal about you?

Since its emergence, Internet has brought us democratization of communications.  Traditional media messages used to be completely controlled by companies. However, nowadays you have the opportunity to express your opinions about them. Play your cards right with Social Networking and the job will come to you. But, be aware of the digital footprint you leave behind.

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Raffle |Win a £100 Amazon Gift Vocher

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It’s 2015 and everything we could ever need fits in our pocket. Did you know that now you can also job search from your phone? Long gone are the days of highlighting ads in newspapers and tearing off flyers from coffee shop bulletin boards. With the JobisJob app, you can search from literally anywhere; on holiday on some far away tropical island, standing in line at the bank, waiting for your espresso on a Monday morning, on the beach, in the park… we could go on forever, but you get the picture.

JobisJob Amazon Mobile App Raffle

In honour of the launch of the new JobisJob app, we’re hosting a raffle!

All you’ve got to do to enter is comment on (or retweet) one of the raffle promotion post on Facebook, Google+ or twitter answering the question, “With our app, where will you job search from?”

You could win a £100 Amazon gift voucher! 

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  • Answer this question (or retweet Twitter) on one of our social media platforms: With our app, where will you job search from? 

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Good luck to all and happy job hunting!

Facebook at Work: The New Intranet for Businesses

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The Financial Times broke the news in November 2014, and early in January 2015, Tech Crunch confirmed it: Facebook is expanding its portfolio to include a professional network called ‘Facebook at Work‘. A strange choice of name considering that Facebook use at work is known to be controversial. Some companies consider short internet or Facebook breaks to boost productivity. Other companies have completely banned Facebook use and have blocked access to the site. But this could soon change because Facebook will, in the near future, be offering a new intranet for businesses: Facebook at Work (already called F@W by some).

No details are available yet. Facebook will be face huge competition from other business software providers. But there are three reasons why Facebook, with the introduction of Facebook at Work, has hit on the perfect strategy:

Facebook at Work1. Facebook members have grown up and younger people are staying away. There was a time when some Facebook users were setting up second profiles for professional use. Many people turned their noses up and Facebook took notice. It is also widely suspected that a lot of workers spend more time on Facebook than they should. Even if Facebook seems to be becoming unfashionable in some regions, registered members still appear to be keen users. Setting up a second profile would be easy for many, and if a company introduced Facebook at Work internally, all employees not already registered would be forced to join Facebook. Killing two birds with one stone: existing members are encouraged to use Facebook in new ways and Facebook new user registration will rise.

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Win a copy of “Rising Stars: Developing Millennial Women as Leaders”

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In honour of Women’s History Month, we’re hosting a book raffle! Don’t miss out, enter now!

Don’t miss your chance to win a copy of Dr Elisabeth Kelan’s recently published book! Elisabeth Kelan is a gender researcher and her book, “Rising Stars: Developing Millennial Women as Leaders” focuses on the modern woman and gender roles in the workplace.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Social media and employment – infographic

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Social networks and employment – tips for a happy marriage

The party’s coming to an end. This infographic is the conclusion of our “Social Media Week on JobisBlog” series, and gives a quick summary of all the tips and tricks we’ve shared on this topic during the past seven days. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and see you back here again soon.

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Infographic - find jobs/employees via social media

You can search for jobs in your LinkedIn and Facebook networks using JobisJob’s “My Network” tool. Once activated, this will highlight all the job postings that appear in companies where friends from your extended networks are currently employed, allowing you to obtain that all-important personal recommendation and use social media to find a job.

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Social media week on JobisBlog

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