“Secret Santa is Coming to The Office”

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How can we bring tradition, togetherness, fun and magic to Christmas time at our daily workplace in the final month of the year? We all know the answer: Secret Santa.  Yes, we all know that playing Secret Santa can be very entertaining, especially when it’s your boss’s idea.

But… Your smile suddenly freezes when you discover the name of the person hidden in your inbox or on a slip of paper with the subject “Secret Santa”. It’s at that moment that a terrible dilemma arises and smashes your enthusiasm for this Christmas game into smithereens. What should I get? What should I get?  And suddenly you remember why you swore to yourself that you wouldn’t take part in it again. So, without realising, you’ve given in to that peer pressure and the good cheer that goes along with Christmas spirit. The game, without a doubt, can be a welcome escape from the daily grind, the reward is that you get to know a colleague better.

Secret Santa

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Fun Ideas to Celebrate Christmas at the Office

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We are proposing eight different ideas to promote team spirit among colleagues and celebrate this time of the year.

christmas office celebration party

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The arrival of December means one thing: the arrival of Christmas. It is one of the times of year where we strengthen our relationships between our personal and professional lives. Sometimes traditions can become tired and the same activities get repeated year after year. Since this is such an important time of year, which everyone enjoys, it is important to celebrate it at the office and for everyone to take part and have a good time.

The celebrations can help to promote team spirit among colleagues and create a more cohesive company or organization. And, why not have a little fun? Work is important but productivity with increase significantly if the working atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed throughout the year, and particularly at this time of year.

We have come up with a series of ideas on how to celebrate Christmas at the office, getting away from or transforming the typical celebrations and traditions, which everyone is a little tired of. Take a risk! Have a good time with your colleagues.

        1. Decorate the office. For example, put a tree in the office and each colleague can bring their own decoration with a personal meaning or a special connection with another colleague. Help your colleagues to get to know each other better.
        2. Organize a breakfast. Forget the typical Christmas dinner and that way you can make sure that everyone in the office can attend. To make things more fun and involving, give it a theme where everyone has to come in fancy dress. If a themed party seems a bit over the top, you can always organize a picnic if there is a park or patch of grass nearby.
        3. Take a risk! Create a Christmas jumper competition and give a prize to the most original. One of the days before the Christmas holidays, all the workers who want to take part can wear their funniest Christmas jumper and people are sure to have a good laugh!
        4. Organize a Christmas photocall. The workers can take photos and to incentivize what they are doing you can organize a competition with a prize (some office stationary, a free week in the company’s canteen, etc.) All of the selfies that the employees have taken during the Christmas period can be included. Afterwards, you can print all the photos and dedicate a space in the office to hang them.
        5. Don’t forget the traditions. Organize a Secret Santa or Kris Kringle among the colleagues in the office, and provide a sheet where they can all write suggestions for their presents, if anyone is a little unsure what to get. It is also a good idea to buy a present for everybody, of the type “This is for…”. Who doesn’t like to receive a present at this time of year?

          Image: Pixabay

          Image: Pixabay

        6. Organize a Christmas dinner. Is there anything more typical? But to be more entertaining, organise a silly awards competition and get colleagues to vote for categories such as “The most…”. If this kind of competition is a bit much, don’t forget to liven up the meal with other party games. Most of all, make sure your employees don’t get bored!
        7. If your colleagues have a strong relationship and they’d like to do something different, there is always room for more original plans, such as bowling or paintball. If they want to spend more time together and create more elaborate plans, a relaxing weekend getaway is a nice idea.
        8. And, the fail-safe solution: round every plan off with karaoke!


What Does Science-Fiction Tell us about The Working World?

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Science Fiction has always reflected our dreams and deepest worries about the future, new findings and technology. Scientists playing at being God, invincible robots from the future with the aim of changing the timeline and galactic battle cruisers crossing the universe are some of the stories of this genre. However others have focused on their effects on human relationships and society, rather than creating terrible technological monsters that threaten mankind.  These prospects even show us how the labour market will be. So, let’s take a look at what they are trying to tell us about the future.


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10 Things that Only Interns Can Relate to

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Internship is an experience that everybody has to go through eventually. Hours and hours of hard work, sleeping bad and stress until finally you get hired and become part of the staff. However, these are also some of the most exciting years of your career because everything is new! So, let’s take a look at the most important moments that every intern has to go through.

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Working 4.0: The Work Environment of the Future

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Our way of working finds itself in a state of flux. This change is not entirely new or uncommon. New technologies are influencing tomorrow’s working environment and even if, at present, a few workers and companies are still fighting against changes, they will in the future be forced to acclimatise to certain developments.

modern work

These days, modern employees must be involved in lifelong learning because work processes are changing faster than in the past century and are partly digitised and automated.

However, companies are increasingly becoming more transparent and the modern human resource policy relies on open communication, trust and flexibility. Websites, such as Great Place To Work or the muse, offer direct insight into the work climate of firms. Whoever wants to attract talent, and keep it long term, has to present itself as a more attractive employer and implement concepts like life and workplace flexibility. Management personnel who ignore the modern form of working run the risk of losing talent and damaging the employee satisfaction and productivity with their work climate.

The following developments and trends will have a say in the working world of tomorrow.

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