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About the authors

Alfonso is an audiovisual communicator interested in all kinds of media and the between communication technologies and society. He observes how everything, from interpersonal communication to the perception of the world, is constantly reshaping.

quoteThe limits of my language mean the limits of my world.quote2 Wittgenstein

Ixone is a dreamer who really believes that a better world is possible, and what a better transforming tool to achieve it than communication. If we develop the critical capacity and everyone makes the most of themselves, with effort great things can be achieved. She can be contacted by email: ibarros (at) jobisjob (dot) com.

quoteNo matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.quote2 Dead Poets Society

Jeannine is a writer who covers social media, connecting and interacting with people from all over the globe, finding a grand importance in the communication and understanding of another. Her articles focus on job market trends, helpful career tips and ways to improve work-life balance.

quoteIt always seems impossible until it’s done.quote2 Nelson Mandela

Laia is a journalist She’s interested in understanding people and connecting with them through technology and communication. She believes that the global era we a living in is bringing people together and we need to learn to make the most of it.

quoteWhere there is a tree to plant, plant it yourself. Where there is a mistake to fix, fix it yourself. Where there is a job that everyone is avoiding, do it yourself. It is you that removes the obstacles from your path.quote2 Gabriela Mistral

Lynn is a passionate communications professional, and covers labour market trends as well as current discussions on strategies for jobseekers and companies looking to successfully build their brand in the modern workplace.

quoteRegarding role models, it does not matter if it is a grand dead poet, Mahatma Ghandi or Uncle Fritz from Braunschweig. What matters is if just one man, in one moment, has stood firm and said or done that which we have hesitated to do.quote2 Erich Kästner

Mar is passionate about communication, especially when it takes place in a digital environment. She believes that harmonizing these two concepts, in both the present and the future, can produce a new perspective on humanity that is still yet to be explored. You can contact her at mtarazaga(at)jobisjob(dot)com.

quoteFeet, what do I need them for if I have wings to fly?quote2 Frida Kahlo

María specifically likes to draw out the human side of employment, key to developing talent and professional excellence, because she thinks that, at work and in life, values and opportunities go hand-in-hand. You can find her using the email address maragon (at) jobisjob (dot) com.

quoteSometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.quote2 Robert Kiyosaki

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