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The Most Creative Job Applications 2015

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Every time we come across a creative CV or original application, it gives us a cause for celebration. We’ve already been given the opportunity to publish a few inspiring jewels, for example, these really creative job applications. In a previous article we revealed the greatest personal branding campaigns and the most creative CVs of 2014.

There were also some outstanding applications and creative CVs in 2015 and we’ve gathered the most successful creative applications from 2015 below.

Creative applications 2015

Application with personal branding and logo

We love the unique brand of Jon Ander Pazos. The application is aesthetically designed, thanks to the unique logo, and yet there is space remaining for the formal elements of the application such as the motivational letter and CV. The self-made logo can be employed on all elements of the application. It will automatically achieve a high recall value and thereby fix itself in the memory of the HR manager.

Jon-Ander-Pazos-creative application

Practical compendium

Collecting together all your application documents in a book, as Niketa Dodson has done, is so practical that we ask ourselves why this didn’t become a trend years ago. What’s more you could convert the compendium into digital form, as PDF pages. We like the fact that these applications tell a story to HR managers.


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Creative CVs: Tips for Creative Applications

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In some sectors, creative CVs and original job applications are neither common nor desirable. If you’re looking for a job within a creative industry like advertising, communication, design, within a start-up or a company with a creative department, then an original CV will set you apart from the rest!

Thinking (and creating) outside the box

Creative CVs are best prepared with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Though there are other tools to use, these programs may limit your imagination and the result may be unprofessional. If you need inspiration, you’ll find amazing CVs on websites such as behance.net or dribble.com, like this stunning example by Pernille Posselt from Denmark:


Don’t have the Adobe Creative Suite? No problem, you can find free demo versions and tutorials on the internet. You’ll probably need some time to fiddle about and find your way around the program before creating graphic elements and original layouts. Jonny Evans has created a design template (Designer’s Resume Template) for these cases – and it can be downloaded for free. Thanks Jonny! Important tip for the Adobe programs: Be sure to use guides!

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Game on! Robby Leonardi’s video game CV

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You might think your use fonts other than Times New Roman and Arial in your CV was creative, but Robby Leonardi has really gone for gold with his creation of this video game CV.

Multi-disciplinary designer Leonardi is sure to attract attention with this idea, which takes you through his skills, training, work history and portfolio and outside interests in a Mario-Bro’s style race to the top prize – Robby’s contact details.

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