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Creative Applications: Our Favourites from 2014

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In 2014, a number of creative applications were picked up by various media due to their originality. Starting a personal, online branding campaign and directly or publicly addressing a company are two methods particularly in vogue at the moment. Below are last year’s most original and popular creative CV and application ideas.

Cause an online sensation with an extraordinary CV

Leah’s Lego CV was particularly popular on the net. She also tried to attract the attention of HR managers at advertising agencies using a creative CV. Creative CVs are no rarity in some sectors, but with an open online application you’re obviously also exposing yourself to the critical eye of the public. It is not known whether Leah found an internship.

Leah-lego creative CV2014-

This very original CV was made by Bruno from Portugal. Whoever receives this creative CV must hire him immediately! If you would like to get in contact with Bruno you may reach him via Behance or LinkedIn. 

Bruno-Simão-creative application

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3 Free Apps for Creating a CV in 5 Minutes

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For the traditional curriculum format. If you don’t want to complicate things with a creative CV, and you just want a simple, professional curriculum vitae in a few minutes, these 3 apps are for you.

These 3 free apps will surprise you because:

  • They’re simple tools. You don’t have to be a computer expert. Even a granny could use them!
  • You’ll have your curriculum ready to send in 5 minutes! 
  • The sample CV’s give you great ideas to develop your own CV.
  • They allow you to create a professional CV.
  • You will have access to elegant and classic curriculum formats that are compatible with any computer.

1. OnlineCV. It is the simplest tool of all–perfect if you don’t want any complications during the process.

online CV congratulations!

Advantages of creating your CV with OnlineCV

  • You don’t need to register for it.onlineCV skills
  • The proposed curriculum format contains the essential sections that recruiters look for during the selection process: basic details, education, work and skills.
  • You can save your CV in a PDF format.
  • There is an assistant to guide you through all the steps for creating your curriculum vitae. It’s impossible to get lost along the way!

Limitations of creating your CV with OnlineCV

  • It is at beta phase–with everything that involves. The positive side is that it still has a lot to offer.
  • You cannot save your curriculum for future modifications.
  • There is no option for choosing templates for creating your CV: it is a curriculum in Word in the simplest format imaginable.
  • You cannot import content from LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networks.

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How to Show Off Your Administrative Skills

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Q&A: Where can I find free, solid help in writing a new resume that shows me how to pull out my administrative skills from previous jobs? I would like to return to administrative support roles in a company with growth. I am in my mid 40s without a college degree.

administrative assistant job

On average, a recruiter reviews your CV within a time span of 6 seconds. What does this mean for you? It means that your CV needs to be impeccable; it needs to be free from spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and importantly, it needs to highlight your skills and experience.

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Getting your CV through automatic selection

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Your CV may have been rejected by a machine – and you don’t even know!

automatic filter_jobisjob

It’s a question of time and resources; let me start with an example. In Spain, where the recession and unemployment are unfortunately trending topics, a franchise that sells lingerie is looking for 5 sales assistants for a shop that intends to open shortly. Soon after publishing the vacancies on an employment website, there were already over 1,500 applications! And the number is still rising…

I don’t know if this franchise uses specific software in its selection process for filtering the tsunami of CVs, but it is a practise that is being used more and more frequently. According to Jobscan, a company that specialises in optimising CVs, 90% of large companies use an analysis programme, (ATS) to do a preliminary screening of curriculums. In broad terms, it works like this:

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6 free tools for creating a dynamic CV

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With more and more job applications made online and everyone down to your Granny connected on LinkedIn, CVs are evolving rapidly. The days of pen and paper are over, and personal brand building is getting creative. If you want to add a bit of electronic spice to yours, why not use one of the following tools for creating a dynamic or infographic CV?

Free online CV-writing tools for building your personal brand

Vizualize.me – list_oklist_oklist_oklist_wronglist_wrong Pulls together information from your LinkedIn profile to create a customisable infographic version of your CV in seconds. A nice idea, but designers or other creative types looking for something professional to hand into a recruiter might prefer something a little more made-to-measure.

Cuvitt – list_oklist_oklist_wronglist_wronglist_wrong An online portfolio which contains various variations of the good old personality test, as well as space for the more traditional CV features and recommendations. Interesting to learn more about yourself, but we doubt the phone will be ringing off the hook after using it.

Vizify list_oklist_oklist_oklist_oklist_wrong A fun way to display links to projects, as well as photos and information about your work history and education. Can’t replace a traditional CV, but might be fun to include on a business card, especially if you work for yourself. About.me is another nice site which does a similar job. Of the two, Vizify is spread over several pages and is more extensive, whereas About.me puts your details on a single spread.

Free CV building tool

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