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How to Answer the 6 Most Annoying Interview Questions

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The following job interview questions bug almost every candidate yet recruiters love asking them! Many of these questions are so dull and tedious that candidates avoid them when practicing for their interview. But these are the questions that almost always make an appearance in the actual job interview and most applicants answer them spontaneously and often don’t notice how honest they are in doing so. And this is probably the exact reason why these questions are firm favourites of many HR bosses.

6 Most Annoying Interview Questions

With a lot of job interview questions, it is often not the question that is important but rather the answer and the candidate’s ability to formulate an argument. Anyone who reacts to a boring interview question with visible disinterest will make a poor impression on the selection committee. Rambling on and giving an exaggerated answer to a dull question will appear cocky and inauthentic. If you don’t have a good answer prepared in advance, you might find yourself stuttering or making statements you didn’t want to make. The good thing about boring and annoying interview questions, however, is that if you do give an original and authentic answer, you’ll be a step ahead of the crowd.

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How to Ace Your Phone Interview

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ace your phone interviewIf you’ve never had a phone interview in the past, get ready, because they’re in full force and they’re heading your way. Phone interviews have become the new way to screen applicants before an in-person interview. They’re becoming more and more popular as the job market becomes global, and considering the time and money saved by making a mere phone call to a candidate, phone interviews are the way to go.

Though you may think phone interviews are informal and a little more relaxed, think again. The phone interviewer is probably your first human contact with the recruiter, you’ll want to be prepared and make the very best first impression.

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