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Office Dress Code: Cracking the Old Style

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Dress code has always played an important role in both, doing business and job interviews. Whereas traditionally these codes have been strictly followed, nowadays more and more people cross some limits and new trends come out. In this ever changing world choosing the right style has become more and more difficult. 

Today we have the advice of Caleb Wells, Visual Consultant for T.M. Lewin. Since its beginning in Jermyn Street in 1898, T.M. Lewin has become famous for having the first coat shirt to feature buttons down the whole length of the front.  Fashions may have changed since then, but excellent craftsmanship, quality, service and value remain the unique features of the brand.

How can dress code help you to get a job?

Research has shown how crucial the first 10 – 40 seconds of your introduction are. 90% of people form their opinion about you within this time.  Besides, some experiments conducted by psychologists at Princeton University state a tenth of a second is enough for someone to form an impression of a stranger (and just based on their faces!). So this decision could be taken before you’ve even said a single word. Choosing the right outfit plays a big role to convince them and get hired. But, how can you be sure you are making the right decision?

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World’s Happiest Job | An Interview with a Florist

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As humans and as individuals, we’re always wondering, “What makes me happy?”. More often than not, what makes someone happy isn’t the traditional idea of success; money, a great career, etc, but rather it’s the simple things. Things like family, friends, laughing, waking up every day and not dreading the commute to work because you know once you arrive at your job you’re doing something you’re really proud to be doing. So, it didn’t come as a surprise when we read this BBC article stating that the UK’s happiest workers are florists and gardeners. Lucky for us, we happen to know a florist.

On being a florist

What’s your official job title?                              

Apprentice for a Jaclyn K. Nesbitt Designs

Explain a day in the life of a florist?

Everyday is different which is what makes this job so much fun and exciting. The planning and preperation for an event usually begins 3-4 days before the big day. This summer we worked on a few weddings and here’s how we’d get ready for the day.

florist interview


We start the morning by going to the flower mart and/or local farms to pick up flowers that we will use for the event. The afternoon is spent processing all of the flowers; trimming stems, picking off unwanted leaves, dethorning roses, putting all of the flowers in buckets of fresh water, and just giving them a little bit of love! The next day is spent arranging the foliage and flowers for centrepieces, aisle markers, bouquets, boutonnieres, and whatever the wedding might call for. We start pretty early on the day of the event, spending a good bit of time carefully packing up the van with all of the flowers we’ll utilize. Then we spend a few hours setting up on-site, to make sure everything looks the way we envisioned it to look.

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Searching for Happiness in Work and Life

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An interview with Andrea Linati, Happy Coach &Trainer at Delivering Happiness @ Work.


An Interview: Searching for Happiness

How did you become a Happy Coach? What path led you to where you are today?

It’s as if I had been born for this; the circumstances of my life led me to make certain decisions until I reached a point where it all made sense.

You don’t get to where you are due to just one particular situation. My first conscious contact with this world was at age 16 when I met a Moroccan man on one of the Falkland Islands. I was impressed that he lived so far from home at the age of 20. He gave me The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho and I’ve taken responsibility for finding my own way since then. The coaching came after another trip, this time to India when I was 26. The trip ended with me in a hospital, having caught a virus and upon my return home, I read this experience as a warning. I took a look at my life, what I was doing and what I wanted to change. I found a coach and began to see things more clearly. Coaching was my path. I trained, I got certified, I took a leap of faith and suddenly, the Happy Coach was me.

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Disaster and Triumph in the Andes, 1972

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Interview with Nando Parrado, ex-rugby player and one of the 16 survivors of the Andes airplane crash in 1972.  Author of the book Miracle in the Andes (2006).

nando parrado

You are respected for overcoming the unfortunate event you experienced, you are admired for how you reacted and you are considered a hero for what you did. You aided in the survival of the team after the crash and you learned how to take the positive from that terrible event.

As a survivor and true leader, we’d love to share your story of loss and triumph with our readers.

When the plane crashed into the Andes, you took on the role of leader. What previous knowledge and experiences helped you take control of that situation?

The main problem was that the real leaders died in the accident. They were the leaders in society, at the university, on the playing field. Those of us who weren’t leaders had to adapt to the situation and leaders began to appear in accordance with the circumstances. I think I was helped by the pragmatism my father had instilled in me. I immediately realised that the situation was very complicated and that there was little chance of survival.

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10 Lively Pregame Interview Actions Candidates Love

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fernando ramirez recruitment prepArticle by Fernando Ramirez, a Social Media and Content strategist for TalentCulture. He is a regular contributor to recruiter.com where he frequently covers topics including recruiting habits, employee engagement, office culture and hiring trends.

Some of the world’s greatest professionals are unmatched performers, and not because of the talent they possess, but because their performance is dictated by their preparation. In sports, you’ll notice some of the most talented professional athletes are sensational performers, but that’s because they’re also well-known masters of preparation. They study their opponents with relentless determination and preparation. And why not? Being prepared is the difference between being able to read-and-react without hesitation versus taking a shot in the dark. When it comes to being ready to interview talent, you have to be able to measure the candidate with certainty and resourcefulness.

Part of defining whether a candidate is viable or not, comes from creating and taking the appropriate steps to evaluate their measurables, which are their skill sets, personality traits, and personal goals. But this process requires preparation. It also requires treating every single candidate during the interview process with the proper respect and courtesy they deserve. And this begins by using 10 lively pregame interview actions that candidates will love:

Infographic recruiting tips

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