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Ensuring Your Side Business Thrives While You Work

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Around 40% of UK workers have a ‘side hustle’ (including their own business), according to research conducted by the Henley Business School, with uncertainty about work, a desire for a better standard of living, and the desire to face new challenges being three key reasons why. Ensuring your business thrives without your ‘standard job’ suffering – and vice versa – can be a big challenge, but getting the balance right isn’t a matter of intuition or chance. Rather, it involves creating a strict business strategy you follow to the letter, without wavering from what is probably your ultimate goal: being your own boss, 24/7.

What are the Elements of Business Growth?

The key elements of most business growth strategies include leadership (vision, knowledge, risk taking), marketing (connecting with your audience via social media and branding), sales, tech (relying on the right people to solve technical glitches), and support (having a team that attends to clients quickly and efficiently). All these elements are far easier to run smoothly when your business is a full-time occupation. However, when you only have part of the day to dedicate yourself to each department, time management is key.

Ensuring Your Side Business Thrives While You Work

Building Your Plan

For each key element of your strategy, goals and time limits should be set. For instance, if you are selling your services as a writer, legal professional, or accountant, set reasonable goals for areas like marketing and social media. How many followers do you have on Instagram and Twitter, for instance? How many do your competitors have? What number can you set as a goal and how many weeks or months will you give yourself to achieve it?

Branding is another area that should be broken down into components with time limits for each task. Your brand should connect with your target audience via the right logo, website content, and social media channels. Technical knowledge is another problem. Try to think of what might be standing in the way of a smooth customer experience. Is your website mobile compatible? Does your page take too long to load? You can tackle many problems yourself. However, when you are truly stuck, don’t waste valuable time trying to solve a problem that needs technical knowledge. Rely on trusted professionals when you are stuck in a rut.

Take Calculated Risks

Growing as a business involves stepping outside your comfort zone frequently. As stated by Amy Morin, author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, fear causes you to overestimate risk. However, the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary life, lies precisely in your willingness to embrace change. Calculated risks are not based simply on ‘gut instinct’. They involve researching into possible losses, having a “Plan B”, and seeking advice from valued mentors. Request feedback from trusted entrepreneurs and be especially open when they point out possible flaws or mistakes. When you take risks, check periodically that they are bearing fruit. If something isn’t working, change your strategy to minimize loss.

Validate Your Idea

There are many ways that business ideas can be validated, one of which involves developing an MVP (minimum viable product) and seeing your target audience’s reaction to it. If it’s an app, for instance, test your MVP on investors, mentors, and your target audience. Ask for feedback so as to tweak any existing glitches. Conduct keyword searches with WordStream or Moz Keyword Explorer, to find out the existing supply for the demand your product is meant to fulfill. Ensure your business offers greater value than your competitors, and make a social media schedule, using various media to share awareness about your product.

Products like Hootsuite (which allows you to programme your social media uploads days in advance) exist to help you save time. However, this and other tools only work if you set a schedule for them that you stick to – even on days on which you feel tired after a full day at work.

By defining key tasks, setting goals and time limits, taking risks, and obtaining feedback, you can grow at a steady pace, staying motivated until the day you can dedicate all of your time to your true passion.

Author: Cassandra McNulty

JobisJob and Fruits? That’s like Comparing Apples to Oranges!

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JobisJob filteringYou know that JobisJob is a job aggregator site. You know that we offer employment vacancies in 22 countries across the globe and in 9 different languages. You know that we have just launched our new mobile app (available for both iOS and Android users) and you know that if you’re looking for a new career, JobisJob is the place to visit!

But here’s something you may not know.

What makes JobisJob different

What’s different about JobisJob in comparison to other job aggregators is that we filter out job listings that don’t match the candidate’s profile. And we’re pretty proud of that. When the job seeker is searching on our site, we take into account his or her job preferences; these may include location, the type of work they’re looking for (full time or part time) and their desired salary. It’s a little more work for us, but in the end our users are left a job that perfectly fits their profile, and that’s what matters most.

To help you understand the filtering process a little better, we’ve created this video, with fruits!

Start the search for your dream job today!

How to celebrate Christmas at the office

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How to celebrate ChristmasAll of us are entitled to live out Christmas in whatever way we want, whether it is in full colour or in complete privacy. At JobisJob we’re convinced that flooding the office with Christmas spirit forges bonding amongst the team and increases employee implication and performance. Besides being a very heartfelt religious holiday, Christmas holidays are strategically placed at the end of the year when we all feel the need to plan bigger and better things for our future and write our goals in lists (even though these lists may sometimes just end up being good intentions). The stars align at Christmas – and we invite you to make the most of it!

5 ideas for creating a Christmas atmosphere at the office

1. Transform your surroundings. If you’re not Father Christmas, it doesn’t matter where you work because you can always make your workplace livelier! A simple thing like decorating the office can create a fantastic Christmas atmosphere amongst staff. If you’d like to find out how to go about it, click here.

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Original ideas for decorating the office at Christmas

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Christmas_decoration-199x300Face it: With the arrival of Christmas, we undergo a kind of metamorphosis: we pull in our claws, foul moods turn into cotton candy and we’re transported (for a while) to the land of good feelings and even better intentions. And we top it off with flashing multi-coloured lights and red, green and gold textures…All shiny!

We want the world to march to the beat of a Christmas carol, and get excited by decorating it so that it matches our own inner world. But before you decide to run off and spread the Christmas spirit around the globe, we suggest you start by customising your surroundings first! Why not start where you give it your all every day for 8 hours: the office!

DIY office decorating. Do it yourself! If what you’re expecting is an album of traditional Christmas decorations and a list of the shops where you can buy them, then this article may not be what you need! But wait: read on and maybe you’ll like our suggestions. :)

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How to get a job this Christmas

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christmas bauble

‘Tis (almost) the season to be jolly… but if you’re looking for a job, be it seasonal or otherwise, Christmas can be more of a financial burden than a holiday. Follow our advice to make sure that the most sparkling present Santa brings you this year is something far more sustainable than chocolate or booze: a new career…
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