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Video – at last, some faces to the name!

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We recently wrote about some of the best-designed places to work in, and thought it was time we gave you a quick tour of ours, too! The doors to our offices are open: time to step in and see what we get up to all day – you’ll find us working (of course), or lost in our own individual moments of inspiration… In this spontaneous, homemade video, we present you a quick slice of life in JobisJob (The Clever Click)!

If you can’t see this video, click here: http://bit.ly/H3WDTk

About JobisJob: we look for work and you find it!

Did you arrive by accident and don’t know what JobisJob is about? Oops… We should sort that one out. JobisJob started in 2007, and is already one of the largest employment search engines in the UK. Our UK page was our first, but we’re also present in over twenty other countries around the globe (given the ethnic variety of our team, we should be called Babel :)).

We colaborate with companies, agencies and job boards to collect a large variety of job adverts (we currently have around a million on our UK pages). Then, we whip them all up with our advanced search engine technology. To top things off, we give you the option of using several filters such as location, company, salary etc. so you can directly find the job you’re looking for, in the area you’re looking for and with the conditions you’re interested in. In conclusion, on JobisJob, we look for jobs, and you find them :) Click here to start looking.

Oh, and one more thing – don’t forget that the application process is the responsibility of the companies featured on our site, and unfortunately we can’t influence it in any way. You should find contact details in each job advert so you know where to send your CV.

PS: We’ve sent you a video, so you could send us a photo (or video) of your workplace, right?

JobisJob UK’s sixth birthday

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JobisJob.co.uk hits six!


Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us… We’ve come a long way since JobisJob.co.uk, our very first page, opened in 2007, and we can proudly announce that it hits six years old today.

Since then, we’ve attracted more than 115 million visits, from more than 62 million job seekers. In total, these have dedicated more than 43.8 million minutes to searching our site – that’s 83.3 years! Our site permanently features a million job adverts from more than 700 sites, which is enough to keep anyone busy.

The UK site was the first of 22 other sites we have opened around the world, with a choice of more than 6 million job adverts, which are visited by more than 4.7 million visitors each month.

During these six years, we have built strong relations with a total of more than 700 country-wide job boards, including all the main national players. This allows us to offer a fresh stream of job adverts to jobseekers all around the country, independently of the job type they are looking for: on IobisJob, you can find everything from job adverts from drivers to managers, from London to Lossiemouth.

We’ve tried to use this time wisely, and have brought in all kinds of new products and improvements to our current services over the last years. Increased importance of social media in job hunting has inspired our “My network” tool, and we’re constantly improving our search engine technology to bring the best job offers to the fore.

So what will the next years bring? Javier Martinez, CEO of JobisJob, believes the following: “Our greatest loyalty is to our users, and more than anything over the next years we wish to maintain our strong reputation and make sure we constantly innovate. In short, we’ll do everything in our power to keep enabling the British public to find the kind of work (or the kind of employees) they’re looking for!”.

Celebration plans have yet to be revealed… all we’re willing to divulge at this stage is that (as some of you may already know), we’re big fans of cake!

Did you find your job on JobisJob? Let us know your story in the comments box below.