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Augmented and Virtual Reality: The Jobs that Will Come

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A long tradition of science-fiction tales has made us dream of a promising future where we escape from reality by using technology. For example, Gibson’s Neuromancer told us about cyberspace before the creation of internet.  In his book, Gibson showed us a world where people can use body implants and navigate through a virtual world. Later, Matrix retook this idea of an immersive virtual reality and went much further. As a new version of Plato’s cave, where prisoners were only able to see the shadows projected on a wall, humans in Matrix were connected to a simulation and completely unaware of what was actually happening. The film asked the audience: what if all you are going through was only a simulated lie?


Image: Marco Verch

From time to time, some intrepid researchers bet on one of these crazy ideas and these fantasies sneak into our daily lives. When this happens, it usually ends up changing society profoundly and this new technology stays with us forever as did the computer. Nowadays it seems to be the turn of augmented and virtual reality to become the gadgets of this era. Although these technologies are not completely new, they are now mature enough to become more than a fancy trend.

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5 questions that you should ask on an interview

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…If you’re the candidate for a position.

Most people who after applying for a job are called for an interview go over the possible questions that may be asked and prepare well-informed answers: yes the ones that will show you are up to speed and the right person for the job.

right_choice_job_interviewYou’re not wasting your time. It is fundamental that you be prepared to show that you’re capable of meeting and surpassing the recruiter’s expectations, besides finding out if the company meets yours. Take advantage of the interview to interview the company! We don’t mean the questions directly linked to the position – as the company is sure to give you this information. Are they what you expect? Are they going to strengthen your professional development? Are you going to fit in with their business culture?

An acquaintance left the company he was working for because financial problems were looming. He went to work at another company that went bankrupt the month he started. His mistake was not asking (and maybe the employer’s bad faith in not putting his cards on the table regarding the real situation the company was in). Our advice is: ask and analyse. In a selection process, you choose too!

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Jobs in danger of extinction?

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robot_assitantLet’s look at how welfare and transport work is already being done by robots. Does Technology pose a threat for humans?

A few years ago, we might have started this article wondering if technology could substitute a person doing a job. Nowadays, we don’t even need to ask: it’s already happening! Let’s look at some examples…

Humanoids caring for old people

In Japanese geriatric facilities robots are already being used as an experimental way of looking after the elderly. They look like a small person (they are about 50 centimetres tall, with legs and arms), provide companionship and help the elderly person live independently and safely: they check that the door is locked properly; they make sure you don’t forget your wallet/your keys; and that you take your medicine. In cases of senile dementia, it means that the patient can be monitored constantly without the emotional and physical strain that this may entail. According to several studies around 80% of care providers of an elderly family member suffer from stress and anxiety.

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Jobs of the future

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Big data scientist, app developer, SEO specialist… just think of all the job titles that are around now that no-one had heard of ten years ago. And, based on the idea that “60% of the best jobs in the next ten years haven’t been invented yet”, trend-watchers Sparks & Honey have come up with the following sketch of new trends in the labour market that will be filling the pages of job websites (like ours!) over the next ten years. Here’s some of our favourites:

New job titles to appear in the next ten years

  1. Personal digital curator: “maintains your unique suite of apps, hardware, software and information sources for your evolving personality and career”.
  2. Corporate disorganiser: mixes up hierarchies in order to promote new ideas, ways of solving problems and a start-up culture in companies.
  3. Curiosity tutor: teaches you how to follow your inspiration and promotes your curiosity for discovering new things.
  4. Urban shepherd: cares for small gardens and the natural world as it appears in big cities.
  5. Digital detox therapist: helps you to switch your smartphone off and cope with the real world 24-7.

Based on our finely-honed instincts for what’s happening in hiring trends of late, we couldn’t resist adding a few ideas of our own to the list:

  1. Personal branding image consultant: like a personal shopper for social networks, the personal branding image consultant will help you manage the content you publish in different social networks to allow you to clean up your profile and communicate your best side online.
  2. Spam filtration service adviser: with advertising becoming increasingly intelligent and difficult to escape, spam filters and the companies which provide these will become of increasing importance in everything from curating your email settings to hypnotising you into unlearning the plethora of messages directed at your brain.
  3. Energy consumption assessment: increased prices of gas and electrics will lead to many individuals investing in the creation of a personal energy consumption assessment portfolio to help them find areas to cut back.
  4. Digital rights lawyer: these specialists will research and fight battles for companies and individuals disputing the use of their online image and any material they’ve published online.
  5. Nationwide urban planner: these green-collar public sector workers optimise nationwide land use to accommodate a growing population.

Do you agree? Where do you see your profession heading in ten years’ time?

Supermarket scorecard: Tesco is still job giant

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The giants of the UK grocery market, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda receive millions of job applications per year. Of these, Tesco is the big daddy of the supermarket world, but recent reports have suggested Sainbury’s is the UK’s fastest rising star. Who should you hitch your wagon to? Time for a supermarket sweep…

Supermarket job comparison

Asda, Tesco or Sainsbury’s? Battle of the supermarket giants reveals where to hand in your application form

  • Tesco currently has by far the greatest share of the UK grocery market, with around double that of Sainsbury’s or Asda.
  • In the last quarter, however, Sainbury’s sales have grown by 2%, beating Asda (0.7%) and coming well ahead of Tesco, which hasn’t grown at all.
  • Tesco has more than double the amount of staff that Sainbury’s has. However only 37% of positions listed on JobisJob in the top three supermarkets were with Tesco. 32% came from Asda, and – in a close third position – 31% from Sainsbury’s.
  • Asda is the only company to have been ranked in the Times’ Best Companies to Work For list, where it made second place in 2005. Sainsbury’s, however, is rated highest in Glassdoor employer rankings, with Tesco in bottom place. Sainsbury’s also offers the highest staff discount of the three employers (15%).

JobisJob supermarket scorecard

Trivia: Did you know Tesco sells over 3 million mugs each year to the great British public?

Sainsbury’s Tesco Asda
Share of UK grocery market *(16.1%) *** (30.4%) ** (17.5%)
Recent quarterly sales increase *** (2%) * (0%) ** (0.7%)
Total staff * (150,000) *** (360,000) ** (170,000)
Employees hired in last year * (31%) *** (37%) ** (32%)
Customers (per week) * (18.5 million) *** (Over 20 million) ** (19 million)
Times Best Company to Work For * (Not rated) * (Not rated) *** (2nd place (2005))
Glassdoor rating *** (3.6/5) * (3.2/5) ** (3.4/5)
Staff discount *** (15%) * (10%) * (10%)
Total * 14 16 16

sainsburyssaltAnd the winner is…

As the JobisJob supermarket scorecard shows, Tesco and Asda are joint winners of our supermarket scorecard sweep, with Sainsbury’s coming in just two points behind. We hope these numbers help you put your job application in perspective, but, as we always say, statistics should be taken with a pinch of salt, and each job advert should obviously be considered on its own merits.

Work for the supermarket giants

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