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UK labour market trends: Manpower Survey (Q2 2014)

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Asking a little over 2,000 UK employers what they expect in the upcoming quarter, the Manpower Survey provides a clear and extensive outlook for the upcoming months. Manpower labour market trends are esteemed to be among the best, most precise surveys out there. So pay close attention, these surveys give a little glimpse into the future! Here’s a quick summary of the 2014 second quarter employment outlook.

Manpower employment outlook Q2 2014

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Trends in the UK labour market – October, November, December 2013

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Money“Jobs market set for best year since 2007”, latest ManpowerGroup survey reveals.

The ManpowerGroup’s “Employment Outlook Survey”, which aims to discover how many employers across the nation are expecting a net increase in employment in each quarter of the year, is one of the most trusted measures of the UK economy. They’ve just released the coming month’s edition. So without further ado, here’s what we can expect in terms of trends in the UK labour market during October, November and December. Results of this article have been adjusted to take seasonal hiring trends into account.

UK job market trends in Q4

Overall summary: the hiring market in the UK is predicted to grow by 7% by the end of the year – the best result since 2007.

Regional trends

  • The East and North West enjoy strongest predicted rates of hiring growth – 14%.
  • Growth in the North East (10%), South West (8%) and the Midlands (7%) is also looking very healthy.
  • Yorkshire and Humberside (-3%) and Northern Ireland (-3%) are the only regions not set to expand.
  • All other regions will experience moderate expansion.
  • Rates in London will continue to rise (3%), but more slowly than last quarter’s rapid 12% growth.

Sector-specific trends

  • Finance (16% growth) and Utilities (13%) will be pulling the economy forwards.
  • The only sector not predicted to increase total employment is Construction (-5%).
  • In other sectors, growth in Transport and Communications and Manufacturing is slowing down compared to last quarter.


European trends

  • With an 18% predicted increase in hiring companies, transcontinental Turkey is the only country in Europe to experience greater growth rates than the UK.
  • Neighbours France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland are predicted to either grow or shrink slowly.
  • The most troubled countries in the EU this quarter are Italy and Spain, who are predicted to shrink by 13% (Italy) and 7% (Spain).

Global trends

  • The Americas will experience strong expansion, with over 10% of employers in many countries expecting to increase payrolls. Panama (24%) will experience the most intense development, and 13% of US employers have a net positive result over these coming months.
  • Asia and the Pacific will also evolve greatly. In fact, India and Taiwan are predicted some of the highest growth rates globally, with 41% and 35% (respectively) of employers expecting a net increase.
  • South Africa is predicted a 5% increase, and Israel a 6% increase. Information for many other parts of Africa and the Middle East is not available.

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UK labour market trends: the Manpower Survey (Q2 2013)

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The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, which regularly asks 2,100 employers in the UK what they expect changes to be like over the next quarter, is renowned as being one of the most accurate thermometers of the labour market. Here’s a quick summary of the readings for Q2, 2013.

2013 employment trends

After a few adjustments have been made for normal seasonal changes, the UK job market is predicted to grow by 6%. This comes as part of a fairly constant trend of increased growth since the beginning of 2012 (in our previous article, we’ve discussed the types of industry and the locations which grew most over the 2012/13 period in more detail).



Growth in regional areas:

The Manpower report identifies the East, the South East and the South West as being the areas of greatest growth, with a striking 11/12% increase in the labour force predicted in these areas. The West Midlands also does well, with predicted growth rates of 9%.

The only areas of the United Kingdom set to shrink slightly are the North East (-1%), North West (-2%) and Northern Ireland (-5%).


Growth in different sectors:

Just because the hiring market is growing, however, does not mean your sector is guaranteed growth. If you’re lucky enough to be looking for jobs in Finance and Business Services, or Transport and Communications, you can expect to see a 12-13% increase in your sector. Those in agriculture (-2%) and construction (-11%) may not be so fortunate. It’s possible that changes in the budget may favour the construction sector, but this has yet to be seen.

International hiring trends:

Compared to the Americas (including North America) and the Asia Pacific region, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) is the only continent to report declining as well as growing hiring markets. Of these, the worst-affected are set to be Italy and Spain (-11%), as well as Greece (-6%).

It’s not all bad news, however. The labour markets in some of the more Eastern European/Middle Asian economies – Romania, Turkey and Israel – are booming, while some of the more established Western European hiring markets – such as France and Germany – are looking to experience cautious growth over the next quarter.

*Where not explicitly stated, figures have been adjusted for seasonal changes.