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New Year’s resolutions? And what about work?

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As we approach the end of the year, we are in the habit of writing the traditional New Year’s resolutions, with common promises such as “healthier life”, “spending more time with family”, “quitting smoking” and other generalized purposes. However, what about promises related to work?

The working environment is a very influential factor to our state of mind, and it is in our hands to make it positive. That is why we have thought of creating a list of work-oriented goals.

We have come up with a list of 5 purposes to improve your presence at work:

  • If all that is being important to you has been your own problems, is time to change. It’s also your responsibility to create a warm atmosphere in which you develop deeper relationships with colleagues. Showing interest in their lives and concerns is a good way of creating harmonious bonds with others.
  • Be clear about what your role is at work. If you do not know how you are contributing to the success of the company and what your role is, you will not have enough motivation.
  • Always want to learn. Overcoming your limitations is necessary to feel fulfilled and at ease. Do not give up on the minimum problem you face, it is important to know how to face the problems and move on.
  • Express your opinions. To externalize what you feel at certain moments is key to not hold resentment or bad thoughts that can cause negative effects in the future.
    • Try to see the good side of things. On the days you are tired visualize your life with a positive perspective.

This list can be a good way to welcome the next 365 days with a smile. From JobisJob we want to thank you for being with us in 2018 and wish you a very HAPPY 2019. Have a great one!


Finding Time to Workout

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working out with a fulltime job

It doesn’t help that its still winter and that the only thing we want is to curl up with a warm mug of hot cocoa and sneak a bite (or five) from one of those warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies. But by the time spring rolls around, we’ll regret that second helping of mum’s Chocolate Yule Log. In between your fulltime job and friends and everything else a life demands, who’s got time for exercising? It’s a drag, especially during these cold months, but keeping your body moving is vital to a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to ditch the gym for an extra hour of sleep but we often forget that our body is the most important tool we’ll ever have.

Making the time, 30 minutes to an hour every day for working out is a great way to keep your body and mind in top shape. Working out won’t only make you a happier person, (those little endorphins are powerful guys!) your productivity will increase and it’ll keep you alert and on your toes throughout your day.

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