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How to celebrate Christmas at the office

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How to celebrate ChristmasAll of us are entitled to live out Christmas in whatever way we want, whether it is in full colour or in complete privacy. At JobisJob we’re convinced that flooding the office with Christmas spirit forges bonding amongst the team and increases employee implication and performance. Besides being a very heartfelt religious holiday, Christmas holidays are strategically placed at the end of the year when we all feel the need to plan bigger and better things for our future and write our goals in lists (even though these lists may sometimes just end up being good intentions). The stars align at Christmas – and we invite you to make the most of it!

5 ideas for creating a Christmas atmosphere at the office

1. Transform your surroundings. If you’re not Father Christmas, it doesn’t matter where you work because you can always make your workplace livelier! A simple thing like decorating the office can create a fantastic Christmas atmosphere amongst staff. If you’d like to find out how to go about it, click here.

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Video – at last, some faces to the name!

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We recently wrote about some of the best-designed places to work in, and thought it was time we gave you a quick tour of ours, too! The doors to our offices are open: time to step in and see what we get up to all day – you’ll find us working (of course), or lost in our own individual moments of inspiration… In this spontaneous, homemade video, we present you a quick slice of life in JobisJob (The Clever Click)!

If you can’t see this video, click here: http://bit.ly/H3WDTk

About JobisJob: we look for work and you find it!

Did you arrive by accident and don’t know what JobisJob is about? Oops… We should sort that one out. JobisJob started in 2007, and is already one of the largest employment search engines in the UK. Our UK page was our first, but we’re also present in over twenty other countries around the globe (given the ethnic variety of our team, we should be called Babel :)).

We colaborate with companies, agencies and job boards to collect a large variety of job adverts (we currently have around a million on our UK pages). Then, we whip them all up with our advanced search engine technology. To top things off, we give you the option of using several filters such as location, company, salary etc. so you can directly find the job you’re looking for, in the area you’re looking for and with the conditions you’re interested in. In conclusion, on JobisJob, we look for jobs, and you find them :) Click here to start looking.

Oh, and one more thing – don’t forget that the application process is the responsibility of the companies featured on our site, and unfortunately we can’t influence it in any way. You should find contact details in each job advert so you know where to send your CV.

PS: We’ve sent you a video, so you could send us a photo (or video) of your workplace, right?

Seven of the best offices to work in – photos

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Who says working in an office has to be boring? We’ve talked before about various things you can do to make your office a bit more fun to be in. Having said that, however, some organisations really take the canteen cake when it comes to office improvement. In our “fun office ideas” hall of fame, we’d like to give a gold award to the following…

Coolest offices

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Images: Many thanks to architects Rosan Bosch (Lego), Jump-Studios (Red Bull) and photographers from Glassdoor (Google, Infosys, Facebook), Geoff Stearns (YouTube) and David Orban (Comvert) for letting us use their photos.

Ten fun office ideas for a cheerful summer

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fun in office

Summertime is here, and the idea of “fun” in the office may sounds like a complete contradiction. Half your workforce is probably lying on a beach, sipping exotic-coloured cocktails and only pausing to let the world know what a fantastic time they’re having on Facebook. They key to getting through this difficult time (aside from remembering that in a few weeks it’ll be your turn, anyway) is in making your office environment more appealing via a series of small changes and treats. Let’s look at a few fun office ideas for summer.

Improving your office environment

  1. Change your desktop background. Go for an image that makes you feel calm, serene and cheerful.
  2. Decorate your desk with photos, a plant (don’t forget to water it) and anything else that makes you feel happy. A great conversation gambit and a simple way to create a more positive office environment for yourself.
  3. Think carefully about a small supply of healthy edibles to bring in. This might include home-made fruit juice or a five-star packed lunch. Lost for ideas? Take inspiration from Japanese-style “bento” boxes, or the variety of lunchbox recipes out on the net.
  4. Take your colleagues out for a drink. You may be tired at the end of the day, but the more energy you put into your work environment, the more you will get out.
  5. Wear something new. Looking smart helps you get in the mood for being professional, and new clothes will break up your routine slightly.
  6. Listen to music. Music has the power to change your mood completely. Here in the JobisJob offices, we’ve made a Spotify playlist for working to if you fancy ideas.
  7. Exercise at your desk. There’s a list of crafty ideas for deskercise here. If you’re not sure how your colleagues would react to split squat jumps in the office, try these two simple tips: 1) ALWAYS take the stairs and 2) walk over and speak to your colleagues instead of sending emails whenever possible.
  8. Make your office environment smell nice. Inject some sensory pleasure into day-to-day life with room freshener or simply delicious-smelling cups of tea (we like caramel and cinnamon).
  9. Walk home from work, or get off a metro stop early, to have time to gently meander back in the summer air (and possibly stop off at the pub on the way).
  10. Speak to someone new. Step outside your comfort zone and ask someone at the other desk, in the other department or even in another office what their holiday plans are.

…and by the time you’ve tried out our ten fun office ideas, it’ll be time to go to the beach anyway. Don’t forget your suncream!