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How to Combat the Post-Holiday Blues

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Getting back to work after the holidays is not easy. Just the idea of returning to the usual routine can create a feeling of stress, sadness, irritability, or other mood swings. These are the first symptoms of the post-vacation syndrome, commonly known as post-holiday blues.

This syndrome is not officially recognized as an illness, but studies show that one in three people may suffer from it. In addition to psychological problems such as anxiety or lack of concentration, there are also physical symptoms such as sleep disorders, muscle aches, etc. This condition has been further aggravated this year by COVID-19 and the social isolation brought about by many of the consequent changes in our working conditions.

However, there is hope! Positive thinking, a positive attitude, and positive actions are great allies. Holidays give you the opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries. Use this energy to get back to work with a new, refreshed outlook.

post-holiday blues

5 tips on how to avoid or combat post-holiday blues


  1. Seek new goals. New challenges are great for renovating your enthusiasm!
  2. Get organized and schedule your week. You’ll feel more in control and this will reduce stress and contribute to your self-motivation.
  3. Practice sport. Stimulating the production of endorphins will help you feel good and keep the blues at bay.
  4. Watch your diet. Eat foods with serotonin such as oily fish, bananas, and tomatoes… This will help you to stay in a good mood. Avoid alcohol, as it increases feelings of sadness, and coffee, which intensifies anxiety.
  5. Smile! Spread your smile in the work environment. This will help increase your own productivity and the productivity of others.

Remember, the key to an energised and positive return after the holidays is your attitude and your outlook on things!

We hope these tips help you beat the blues!

Do leave a comment on how you dealt with the post-holiday experience. ;)

Is Summer Really Bad for Your Job Search?

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There is a common perception that companies slow down or even stop hiring processes during summer months. You may feel tempted to take a break from your job search and succumb to your naturally lazy nature.

However, is this the best time to stop the search?

Based on JobisJob’s market trends, summer months present a great opportunity for job seekers. In the UK, analytics reveal that in 2019 there has been an average of about one million active offers per month and these figures remained the same in the July-September of 2018 period. On the contrary, the lowest period of the year was December, during end-of-year festivities, when job offers fell by 30%.

Jobisjob Trends. Summer job search

Active offers in the UK, July 1018-June 2019. Source: JobisJob Trends.

Can we predict the same behaviour of the job market for this summer? According to most recent trends, the same seasonal pattern will repeat this year: job offers will surely not decrease.

Therefore, why should you postpone those summer plans and keep on track with the search for the best career opportunities? We give you four more reasons to reconsider your plans for the next few months.

1. It’s a matter of probability

Most likely, you’re not the only one who believed in the summer-slowdown myth. But the equation is easy − look at it this way: with less competitors in the race, your chances of being hired are higher! With hundreds or thousands of applications received for only one position, recruiters usually discard candidates based on objective parameters and don’t have time to carefully analyse each one. Fewer applicants means more possibilities of standing out.

2. Summer temp jobs can lead to a permanent position

With many employees on holiday, many companies look for temporary workers to fill vacancies. Temporary jobs and even summer internships are an opportunity to shine and convince your future employer to keep you. If not, you’ll have gained experience and narrowed the gap between your last job.

3. You can take some days off to schedule appointments

If you are currently employed, it’s easier to ask your boss for one or two days off during these months. You’ll have more freedom to schedule appointments and interviews, or even to update your resume and write some cover letters. And if you have pending holidays, why not reserve a week to plan your search? (Definitely, writing a good resume is still important: don’t forget to check some tips and keep it up to date.)

4. Don’t overlook the fact that people are in a better mood

Most people are on a higher energy level during this hot season and this can make us feel more empathic (summer boosts the mood, science says). Take advantage of it when you meet recruiters. You can also reactivate networking activities and call those old friends from school that may help you in your career shift.

Of course, some difficulties can arise. Hiring processes tend to slow down. After the first contact, recruiters and managers can also go on holiday and may postpone their final decision for some weeks. While they probably want you to settle in to your new position when the business activity starts up again, in the meantime, they have no reason to be in a hurry. You’ll need to be patient.

(Need more data? Check our specialised big data tool for the recruitment industry.)

Ten fun office ideas for a cheerful summer

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fun in office

Summertime is here, and the idea of “fun” in the office may sounds like a complete contradiction. Half your workforce is probably lying on a beach, sipping exotic-coloured cocktails and only pausing to let the world know what a fantastic time they’re having on Facebook. They key to getting through this difficult time (aside from remembering that in a few weeks it’ll be your turn, anyway) is in making your office environment more appealing via a series of small changes and treats. Let’s look at a few fun office ideas for summer.

Improving your office environment

  1. Change your desktop background. Go for an image that makes you feel calm, serene and cheerful.
  2. Decorate your desk with photos, a plant (don’t forget to water it) and anything else that makes you feel happy. A great conversation gambit and a simple way to create a more positive office environment for yourself.
  3. Think carefully about a small supply of healthy edibles to bring in. This might include home-made fruit juice or a five-star packed lunch. Lost for ideas? Take inspiration from Japanese-style “bento” boxes, or the variety of lunchbox recipes out on the net.
  4. Take your colleagues out for a drink. You may be tired at the end of the day, but the more energy you put into your work environment, the more you will get out.
  5. Wear something new. Looking smart helps you get in the mood for being professional, and new clothes will break up your routine slightly.
  6. Listen to music. Music has the power to change your mood completely. Here in the JobisJob offices, we’ve made a Spotify playlist for working to if you fancy ideas.
  7. Exercise at your desk. There’s a list of crafty ideas for deskercise here. If you’re not sure how your colleagues would react to split squat jumps in the office, try these two simple tips: 1) ALWAYS take the stairs and 2) walk over and speak to your colleagues instead of sending emails whenever possible.
  8. Make your office environment smell nice. Inject some sensory pleasure into day-to-day life with room freshener or simply delicious-smelling cups of tea (we like caramel and cinnamon).
  9. Walk home from work, or get off a metro stop early, to have time to gently meander back in the summer air (and possibly stop off at the pub on the way).
  10. Speak to someone new. Step outside your comfort zone and ask someone at the other desk, in the other department or even in another office what their holiday plans are.

…and by the time you’ve tried out our ten fun office ideas, it’ll be time to go to the beach anyway. Don’t forget your suncream!

UK summer job trends 2013 (white paper)

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The following (free!) document contains a round-up of summer labour market trends, based on figures taken from the JobisJob databases. For more information regarding this document, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Too much information? Download our UK summer job trends PDF to read for later, or otherwise you might also be interested in seeing our (shorter) article or infographic snapshot.

UK summer job trends 2013

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Working on the beach in summer 2013Contrary to popular belief, summer is not all about beaches and ice cream. Many UK residents will also be looking for summer jobs in 2013. Not sure where to look, or what to look for? Take the sweat out of your seasonal job search with our handy guide to summer jobs

The statistics featured in this article has been pulled from the JobisJob databases. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What’s the best time of year to look for summer work?

The best time of year to apply for summer work is increasingly becoming earlier on in the year. 15% of summer positions were advertised in the last quarter of 2012, compared with 12% in 2011 and 5% in 2010. The best time of year to apply for summer work, however, is still (unsurprisingly) in summer, with the second and third quarters of the year offering the most opportunities. Of the two, the second quarter ranks the highest in terms of job opportunities – in this case, it seems as though the early summer bird really does catch the worm.

Proportion of summer jobs advertised per quarter:

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2010 8% 55% 32% 5%
2011 8% 50% 30% 12%
2012 12% 40% 33% 15%

What type of summer job should I apply for?

Over the last year (2012-13), sales and customer service have gone hand-in-hand as the most widely-advertised type of summer job. As well as sales-assistant-type positions and customer service positions created by shopaholic holidaymakers, sales teams often recruit in June (although bear in mind that positions advertised with a summer start in this area may also be to get new recruits on board early and trained up for September). Social care and charity is also a crucial sector, and the majority of the positions advertised in this field are in charity fundraising.

Top three summer sectors:

  1. Sales (20%)
  2. Social care – charity (18%)
  3. Customer service (12%)

Three top summer job titles:

  1. “Charity fundraiser”
  2. “Sales assistant”
  3. “Sales and marketing assistant”

Where should I apply for summer jobs?

Not much has changed from the standard here. Britain’s largest business centres still feature predominantly on the list, which is, unsurprisingly, topped by London. The only slightly unexpected result is Glasgow, which over the last year has topped Edinburgh as Scotland’s capital for summer jobs. This is perhaps normal, however, given that Glasgow is bigger than Edinburgh – in fact, we’ve done the maths, and it seems that per person, the two cities come out more or less equal.

Top cities for work (general)

  1. London
  2. Manchester
  3. Birmingham
  4. Bristol
  5. Leeds

Top cities for work (summer)

  1. London
  2. Glasgow
  3. Manchester
  4. Leeds
  5. Birmingham

Will there be more summer jobs in 2013 than in previous years?

Summer job offers (as a percentage of all job offers):

Summer job trends 2013

Summer job offers (as a percentage of all job offers) in Q1:

summer hiring trends UK

Various claims have been made recently about fluctuating amounts of underemployment in the UK. But, looking at the JobisJob trends, we can see that, at least where summer work is concerned, the amount of job offers available have remained fairly constant, with a very slight increase in 2012. Quarter-on-quarter, however, 2013 has seen a massive increase of summer job offers in Q1, which could indicate that it’s time to pack up the beach towel, roll up your sleeves and get ready for a very productive season.

Latest summer jobs in the UK

Prefer pictures to words? Take a look at the infographic version of this article, or try the corresponding white paper if you require more information.