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Augmented and Virtual Reality: The Jobs that Will Come

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A long tradition of science-fiction tales has made us dream of a promising future where we escape from reality by using technology. For example, Gibson’s Neuromancer told us about cyberspace before the creation of internet.  In his book, Gibson showed us a world where people can use body implants and navigate through a virtual world. Later, Matrix retook this idea of an immersive virtual reality and went much further. As a new version of Plato’s cave, where prisoners were only able to see the shadows projected on a wall, humans in Matrix were connected to a simulation and completely unaware of what was actually happening. The film asked the audience: what if all you are going through was only a simulated lie?


Image: Marco Verch

From time to time, some intrepid researchers bet on one of these crazy ideas and these fantasies sneak into our daily lives. When this happens, it usually ends up changing society profoundly and this new technology stays with us forever as did the computer. Nowadays it seems to be the turn of augmented and virtual reality to become the gadgets of this era. Although these technologies are not completely new, they are now mature enough to become more than a fancy trend.

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Hiring trends for teachers in the UK (white paper)

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This document aims to answer the following question: which city is the best place for teachers to look for work in the UK? Information has been taken from research into the quantity of job offers for teachers in various cities in the JobisJob database – for more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can download the teacher hiring trends PDF here.

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