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Technology Tools for Recruitment: Why Businesses Need Them

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Businesses looking to hire new talent or fill in gaps in their processes should integrate technology in their daily activities. Technology alleviates some of the burdens on recruitment teams. They also help to report on the hiring process for possible areas of improvement. Here are different technology solutions that recruiters and businesses can use when hiring new employees.

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Applicant-tracking software

Recruiters who are looking to increase their hiring efficiency can implement cloud-based applicant-tracking software. This software aids recruiting teams with tracking candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Recruiters can use this software to store candidate data and information, track where individuals are in the process, and pull reports on a candidate’s hiring experience. Cloud-based human capital management systems allow stakeholders to access information from anywhere with an internet connection. At the end of the hiring process, these tools can also help recruiters improve future hiring processes by understanding the path taken by successful candidates.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Recruitment

The leading benefits of using AI in the recruitment process are faster responses and management of simpler tasks. AI-powered software can automate the candidate search process by locating people who match a certain set of criteria or assessing candidates’ fit based on their resume and application responses. LinkedIn Recruiter is a popular AI-enabled tool currently being used by hiring teams.

Chatbots are another example of AI technology. They automatically respond to people’s questions and reduce the recruiters’ workload. Quick responses provide candidates with a positive experience while saving precious time for businesses.

Video Interviewing

Video interviewing can connect people seamlessly, regardless of location. Additionally, businesses with remote workers can use the technology to include them in candidate discussions. Video interviewing also helps companies pull from the global talent pool. For example, a business located in New York City can use video conferencing to interview candidates that are continents away. Tools like HireVue allow businesses to schedule and execute remote interviews.

Looking to the Future

As technological advancements and abilities increase, companies and their hiring teams will shift away from mundane tasks to higher-level assignments. AI and other technological advances will reshape how recruiters go through their daily tasks.

Targeted advertising for positions are already showing up in job seeker’s web and social media feeds. But further automation allows advertisers to deliver the right messages at exactly the right times. Natural language processing (NLP) could be implemented into interviews for analysis on fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary usage, and the progression of ideas.

Closing Thoughts

Recruiters have a new teammate in technology tools. Technology will amplify and augment current recruitment practices: AI assists hiring departments with mundane tasks, and applicant tracking software helps recruiters understand where a candidate is in the hiring cycle. Video interviewing assists in bringing in people from across the world together in one central, digital location.

In the future, continued developments and advancements will bring in additional solutions for recruiting teams. Operations will include opportunities for reaching job seekers in new ways, like through social media. Additionally, AI solutions will aid candidate verification and interview. Overall, technology will help recruitment teams with speeding up processes or handling easier tasks.

Author: Henry Garrett

Technology and Jobs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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We all know that technology is a brilliant thing that we use every day, and sometimes, too much. Recently the iPhone 6 was released along with the new Apple Watch, and it’s all the world can talk about. The same happens with Android technology, with new software updates, with Google Glasses, you get the gist. Technology is BIG. It’s everything. Technology has created a vast sphere of new jobs; App Developer, Cloud Technology, SEO Analysts, even my job, Social Media Manager. So thank you, technology.

But like everything, too much of a good thing makes us speculate, makes us a little cautious, and it should. While creating new jobs, technology has also, not so silently, erased many jobs, leaving many unemployed and without the current skills to compete with the younger tech generation.

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The Tech Sec: Hiring, hiring, hiring!

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Looking for the buzz? You’ll find it within the tech sector. With the advancement of the mobile device; smartphones, apps, tablets, smartwatches and the infamous Google Glass, you can bet that the tech sector is booming. In the UK, companies are reporting improvement in profitability along the board. The best part? Almost half of tech companies are planning to employ additional staff over the next 12 months. Need the insights on which companies are hiring? Which locations are trending? Say no more, JobisJob is here!

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Smartphones: Changing Our World

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Your mobile phone is your most powerful tool. It connects you, keeps you informed smartphones_technologyand entertained. With a swipe of your finger you can say hello to a friend in Germany, another swipe to read the news. You can check your bank account and open a map application to get you home without hitting traffic on your commute. More than facilitating our day-to-day, the power of mobile phones is that they are links to people, to businesses, to the world around us. While we have only skimmed the surface of the power-potential of mobile technology, we already see that mobile technology has changed the way we look at business. Even more astounding; this little device is changing our economy and creating thousands of jobs along the way.

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