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  • How can you have experience if nobody gives you a first opportunity? Last updated by Raphael Zuhnden: 04-Jun-2018 View last comments

    I’m so frustrated recently. I’ve a bachelor’s degree in hr and I’m trying to get a job. The problem is that all the jobs I see require experience, and you cannot gain experience if nobody offers you a job because you have no experience. It’s such a crazing vicious circle! What’s more, when I look for openings that specifically indicate ‘no experience’ needed I go mad, because there doesn’t seem to be any! I don’t know how to get out of this loop. Any advice welcome.

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    • True, when you’re looking for work you often find that often previous experience is among the requirements. Over time I’ve realised though that ‘previous experience desired’ is a requirement that does not necessarily closes your doors, because there are many other people out there that like you have no experience and that will apply for the job anyway. So all you need in those cases is to have a better profile than them. Another thing is to start as a trainee, this often is a good start. Good luck!

      03-Jan-2018 Reply to Sammy
    • Review your resume and compare it to those being submitted by others on job boards for entry level positions, typically with titles or "HR Coordinator" or "HR Generalist" or "HR Assistant". 

      Make yours competitive.  If you need certifications to become competitive, set about getting them. 

      Do research on LinkedIn to find HR heads and subheads, send them InMail asking for informational interviews, by phone, on Skype, in person. 

      Ask friends, neighbors and relatives to introduce you where they work.  (Not job interviews.  They may come if they like you and need you.)  Seek their help and guidance in how to get a break into the field.

      Lastly, don't quit your search and don't give up on your hunt. You have work to do.

      01-Jun-2018 Reply to Manya Ray
    • I would like to add to what the others have said. Experience come in handy but it is not only experience that can notch you a given job. Do not rule out the power of volunteering. It is important that you sacrifice a great deal of your time to support an organization without receiving any monetary compensations. This helps prospective companies to get to know that your real motive is not the financial compensation you would receive at the end of the month but the value you would add to their companies. This does not mean that you are not interested in the money, we all are but that is one of the days.

      One other way to notch up jobs is to stop the conventional ways of applying to jobs through application letters. This is because application letters would ultimately lead to an official job interview and an official job interview might not lead to you being awarded an appointment letter. You should rather opt for unconventional ways and the best approach is to send a Concerned Letter. Concerned Letters would be about your prospective company and NOT you and that would ultimately lead to an unofficial interview and a job that you would control.

      04-Jun-2018 Reply to Raphael Zuhnden
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