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  • LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION Last updated by Sophie Dickinson: 10-Apr-2017

    I got my driver’s license over a year ago and would love to earn a bit of money working part time as i finish my design bachelor’s degree. Are you normally required to have your own car? And what about the hours, are they like most other jobs or can you have a bit more flexibility?

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    • It’s a very good option, I know sbdy who did it last year and it worked great for them. In fact this is why I’m trying to get the same. Transport: It’ll depend on the company, some will ask for your own, other will offer you their own.

      21-Feb-2017 Reply to Zoe
    • The timetable will be more or less flexible depending on the type of leaflet/audience. So for some you’ve got to make the delivery during the day and for others you can do it late at night.

      22-Feb-2017 Reply to Brad
    • Would anybody know what pay to expect?

      22-Feb-2017 Reply to Al
      • between £5 and £7/hour would be fairly standard, but then again, in depends on the area, specific job and tasks.

        23-Feb-2017 Reply to Glen
    • I recommend a company called ASA Distribution. You can find them on google. They are a very reliable company who provide an amazing service at a good price.
      Find out more by clicking the link below:

      10-Apr-2017 Reply to Sophie Dickinson
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