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  • Store assistant Last updated by Ras: 03-Jul-2017

    What does one need to work as store assistant? I would like to get a job in Lidl, which by the way is a store I love, but since after leaving school I took a hairdressing certificate and went straight to working at a hairdressers I'm not sure I qualify for a job in a shop.

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    • If you’ve been working as a hairdresser you’ve already got some of what it takes, which is experience in dealing with the public. I’m not familiar with the way Lidl works, but I assume that you’d want to be computer literate, have some knowledge on how to keep inventory, and so on.

      30-Jun-2017 Reply to Rita
      • You probably get in store training in big companies like Lidl, though double-check as I’m only guessing!

        03-Jul-2017 Reply to Ras
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  • Company culture Last updated by Melanie: 13-Aug-2015

    What is most important to you when choosing a company to work for?

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    • I value most a company that has the in-sight to acknowledge individual performance as well as the ability to envisage the individual to enhance their career by climbing the ladder.

      12-Aug-2015 Reply to Nathan
    • I value fairness

      13-Aug-2015 Reply to Melanie
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