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Those who are interested in a career in social care will find that several routes are open to them. At the lower levels, the social work assistant assists the social worker in their daily duties. This job offers a great introduction to the profession and can nurture many of the skills required to be a fully-qualified social worker.
Social workers work with a variety of socially-excluded individuals, with the ultimate goal of helping them to help themselves. Most of these individuals are young people, but they also include the elderly, people with learning disabilities and drug abusers. The profession is open to all graduates, but qualified professionals must have a postgraduate qualification approved by the GSCC
Some social workers specialise in healthcare, working with hospitals and other healthcare providers. Other career paths include working as social care teachers, helping to develop the next generation of social workers. The average UK salary for those working in the sector is £25,000.


Social Care workers are required to help vulnerable people to face different challenges of their lives. Their work is useful for this people because it helps to increase their control and independence. They work on different situations with disadvantaged families, people with physical or mental disabilities, young people, and older people with restricted mobility.

A Social Care worker usually performs many of the following tasks:

  • Cooking meals.
  • Supporting children.
  • Accompanying people to collect a pension or other benefits.
  • Helping older people to get dressed.
  • Discussing people needs with other professionals.


Expertise in the following areas is an asset:

  • Being patient and tactful.
  • Having interpersonal abilities.
  • Having good time management skills.
  • Being able to work with people from different backgrounds.
  • Being able to stay calm under certain circumstances.
  • Having IT skills.
  • Being able to work with a team.
  • Having a respectful approach with people.
  • Having problem solving abilities.
  • Being able to empathise with people.


Social Care does not have specific academic requirements for most jobs. Some employers require qualifications in health and social care, including working or volunteering experience in a care centre. Courses available for this sector are offered by BTEC, OCR, A/AS levels, and City & Guilds. Another relevant qualification for this area is the Diploma in society, health and development, because it includes the values of social care and focuses in agencies´ work to help people. This course includes a work placement for ten days or more.

There are others qualifications that can be obtained through on-the-job experience, such as NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 in health and social care.

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