About us

About JobisJob

JobisJob gives job seekers and recruiters a headstart in the employment game by making it as easy as possible for you to find them, and for them to find you.

As a job search engine, we collect employment offers from scores of major boards. We carefully organise them and sieve out spam to produce our finished product – hundreds of thousands of quality job listings. Our propriety search technology and carefully-adapted filters then allow you to strike career gold with just a few clever clicks of the mouse

As well as a standard job search, you can explore your networks and use your connections to your advantage with our social search options. Customise your job hunt further by saving filters and job offers, and creating email alerts which notify you of new opportunities in your chosen field.

Job sites and recruiters can also use JobisJob to increase their listings’ web presence. All offers featured on JobisJob are hosted on their original webpages, meaning we drive high-quality potential applicants to your site and deliver clicks that convert. We don’t charge for our services, although you should be aware that we only accept applications from genuine sources.

Our Background

JobisJob was established in 2007, and since then has expanded throughout Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific and the Americas.

Our shareholders include Schibsted and Grupo Intercom. Shibsted Classified Media is a major investor in online classified businesses and an expert in gaining market-leading positions. Grupo Intercom is an international leader in the new technologies sector. It is characterised by constant innovation and has created or partially owned more than 30 businesses.