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  • 16 Last updated by Hailey: 12-Jun-2017

    I’ve been looking for options, and got an interview a couple of days ago. I got the impression that the majority of my time would be spent working rather than training, which is what I expected. Is this the way it works?

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    • Yes this is. The idea of an apprenticeship is that you learn through practice while getting some ‘formal’ or ‘more theoretical’ training as you go along. In many ways you’re treated as a full time worker, and per average you work at least 30h/week. I hope this helps.

      09-Jun-2017 Reply to Jamie
      • Thanks Jamie. So does this mean that you get holidays and other benefits just like a perm worker?

        09-Jun-2017 Reply to Hailey
        • Exactly. As I say, you spend most of your time in the workplace and gets treated pretty much like a permanent employee.

          12-Jun-2017 Reply to Jamie
          • Cool, I like the approach. Cheers.

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  • My dream job Last updated by Layla: 13-Nov-2015

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is an estate agent

      13-Nov-2015 Reply to Layla
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