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  • 360 digger dirver with tickets 24-Oct-2017

    I am hard working trustworthy and reliable I did have my own bussines with 360 machines until I had family problems which ment I had to give it up

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  • Re-start Last updated by Donovan Baldwin: 19-Sep-2017

    I took my 360 license about 6 years ago and worked as a 360 driver for 2.5 years. Now I’d like to go back and I’m not sure whether I should take the course again. I’m told that I should.

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    • I’d say you could take a refresh course, it can only help after so long.

      31-Jul-2017 Reply to Steve
      • I would take a course, even if not a requirement, because it’ll help you get back in.

        01-Aug-2017 Reply to Duncan
        • OK thanks for the advice. Do you know if I can expect to get 17gbp per hour?

          01-Aug-2017 Reply to Gary
          • It’s difficult to say but 14 to 16 I’d say you could.

          • Money will depend on how good you are, if you was good back then, it's like riding a bike, take a couple of jobs for £15/16 to get back in, the is so much work out there now' won't be long before £20 the norm

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  • 360 with little experience 15-Sep-2017

    I haf my ticket since last year; now a year with 5 months experience. I travel for out for holiday coming back now; it difficult to get job. please what can i do.

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