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  • Change in Career 04-Jul-2018

    Im considering a career change, same Job EC&I Technician

    Pros : Closer to Home, Less travel time,( 500miles less per month ) Less Mileage ( Could cycle to work ) More overtime opportunity, career progression they want to put me through my degree to be the Site EC&I Engineer

    The Only disadvantage is that I will be on a less salary ( around £2000 less for the year ) But there is a Union Pay review in 7 months time so could go up

    Just wanted to know what your thought are as I'm struggling to make a decision

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  • Pros and cons of 4 on 4 off driving rotas Last updated by Peter: 29-Jun-2018

    I’m considering a career change and I’m not sure whether I’m aware of all the pros and cons of 4 on 4 off

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    • It’s the best shift I’ve ever had. I’ve been on it for 5 years now and I’d be devastated if I lost it now. It’s great as long as you don’t mind working weekends. I suppose if your partner has regular working days it may be a bit of a con, but then again it depends on how you organise yourself. Personally I find it compensates me because by the time I’m due back to work I’ve had plenty of time to chill out.

      29-Jun-2018 Reply to Syd
      • I’m considering it too. The way I see it, it’s not only just about having plenty of time to chill between shifts, it’s also about being able to do things that are either impossible or less xxx at weekends, whether be it paperwork and the likes –which you cannot do at weekends- or leisure activities –that are much less enjoyable at weekends, when everyone else is doing them too-. Plus if you book 4 days off, you get a 12 day holiday … not bad ;-)

        29-Jun-2018 Reply to David
        • I guess it also depends on what you’re paid and as someone said before, on whether working at weekends interferes a lot with your family and social life…

          29-Jun-2018 Reply to Peter
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