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  • carer with accommodation provided Last updated by Sue: 15-Nov-2017

    I’ve been a carer for a while now, and I just found a job as a stay in carer. My surprise was that when they told me about the pay they included the cost of accommodation in the wages. That is, if you stay in the house your wages go down! Does that make sense? I would have thought that staying overnight, if anything, would bring my wages up! I’d have compared it to the difference between night shifts and working during regular day hours.

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    • There’s probably some sort of misunderstanding. Accommodation, as far as I know is considered as part of your wages. I understand your point, but maybe they’re no thinking about you being ‘on call’ during the night. I’d understand that if you’re working during the night too, your wages may have to change or maybe what you’d get is a certain leave the following day. What the law says is that if you work nights you must not be expected to work more than 8h in a 24h period.

      08-Nov-2017 Reply to Caleb
      • There’s something that I know has changed recently in terms of pay. From recent months if you work nights you have to get minimum wage for these hours. Before this ruling, you used to get a flat rate.

        15-Nov-2017 Reply to Sue
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  • Accommodation Last updated by Gerald: 14-Nov-2017

    When the job offer includes benefits like accommodation, should I expect the wages to be lower?

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    • Not really, there was a time when tired of not finding anything in my area I looked for work in other cities. Some of them offered accommodation but that didn’t affect the pay.

      14-Nov-2017 Reply to Nora
      • There are cases when the pay is even higher. I’m thinking about a job I was interviewed for, the pay was slightly higher and it included accommodation. In the end I didn’t get it, but it looked good.

        14-Nov-2017 Reply to Jean
        • It might also depend on the location, availability of staff and also cost and availability of accommodation in the area. I dunno, just a thought.

          14-Nov-2017 Reply to Gerald
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  • My dream job Last updated by Judy Kerry : 24-Mar-2016

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • Pharmacy technician

      24-Mar-2016 Reply to Judy Kerry
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