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  • What are the requirements to become an educational Psychologist Assistant? Last updated by Julia: 17-Jul-2020

    I’m a PR graduate, but recently realised that my passion is in the field of learning. In the last few months I’ve discovered this field and the idea of studying how the brain works, particularly during the learning process, fascinates me. I’m considering moving into this field and become an educational psychology assistant, but I’m not clear about the requirements. Any advice in this or other aspects to do with it would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    • Hi Loreen, to become an educational psychologist you need to have a BA, preferably in psychology or education, and then you should take a phd course. Now, to know whether requirements vary from place to place or whether there are further details to bear in mind I would recommend that you get in touch with the university you’re interested in going for your BA as well as those of the schools or institutions around your area of influence. Best.

      07-Feb-2018 Reply to Sophie
    • Thanks for your feedback Sophie! Will do, I’ll get in touch with the uni and find out about it. I’m hoping that if I have to take another degree I can get some credits transferred.

      09-Feb-2018 Reply to Loreen
    • Hi Sophie,
      The best website for information on becoming a Educational Psychologist is the Association of Educational psychologist. On their website they have fantastic career advice and recommended course within universities. I hope this information is useful. Julia

      17-Jul-2020 Reply to Julia
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