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  • Trench block prices going rate per block 21-May-2020

    What’s the going rate for trench block need to know have job on at the moment don’t know the crummy price what the bricklayers are getting per block if any one can help please ?

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  • To days.. Bricklaying 24-Nov-2018

    Been a bricklayer all my working life Price and day work and luved all the good times and struggled through the bad. But now the trade is full of unskilled line jockeys that can't build free hand and rely on bits of tube, bits of wood and carpenters clamps to build everything... No skills!!

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  • Agency Work 17-Jul-2018

    Hi guys. I know most Brickies hate going through agencies, but out of interest what sort of rates would you be looking for if you were to consider it? I always like to push for as much as I can, as its obviously the workers that keep me in business so want to keep you happy.

    Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks

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  • Advice been asked to work for pennine wind/conserv. 15-Jul-2018

    Any advise about working for pennine widows and conservatories

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  • Bricklayer salary Last updated by Stephen Bell: 14-Oct-2017

    What’s the typical bricklayer wage package in a community (per hour)?

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    • Bricklayers should be on £20 + per hour £25 for a experienced time served trowel hand with good plan reading savy

      14-Oct-2017 Reply to Stephen Bell
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  • Well paid profesion? Last updated by paul greener: 09-Aug-2016

    I’ve worked as a builder my whole life. I need a change for good, what kind of job offer good credit terms and also good work conditions for their employees?

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    • bricklayer salary varies due to supply and demand. tyne and wear area is average 14 pounds per hour agency 12.50 on the books for a company. 420 thousand face bricks 11 pound per metre 100mm blocks self employed 16 per hour day rate self employed

      09-Aug-2016 Reply to paul greener
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