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  • Contacting companies about required experience/qualifications Last updated by Jamie: 06-Apr-2018 View last comments

    I am interested in CAD software and am considering possibly developing further in the field. I looked at a website of a construction company who uses CAD and are based near where I live not too long ago.

    Would it be OK to contact them to find out what further qualifications in construction and what software I would need to be competent using to be suitable for employment?

    I have attended an AutoCAD for New Users course (3 days) and an AutoCAD Intermediate user course (2 days).

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    • I don't know if I understand your question well. But in any case, the way I see it, anyone can contact any company to enquire about their requirements. I've done so on many occasions for this and other reasons. Best of luck.

      15-Jan-2018 Reply to Zully
      • Zully

        Thanks for the reply.

        My main concern is I do not have a construction background yet, but would like to enquire what qualifications the company would require in construction and any CAD or similar type software they use.

        I studied Mathematics at University and have been in a job for the last few years doing spreadsheet work.

        17-Jan-2018 Reply to dblacker
    • Further to my last post, if I was to contact a company to ask about their requirements, is there a best way to phrase my enquiry so to avoid sounding a fool for not knowing their requirements beforehand, and is it usual to start such an enquiry with "Dear Sir/Madam..." if there is no apparent named person to contact?

      30-Jan-2018 Reply to dblacker
    • I have contacted a company and they have stated what software type they use for their work. I have expressed an interest in developing in the area concerned. Would it be a good idea to get some training in this area and once I have some qualifications and/or experience, apply speculatively to the company in case there is a suitable vacancy? They stated there are no vacancies at present but perhaps that will change. Hopefully the fact I have contacted them will show them I am interested in their type of work.

      15-Mar-2018 Reply to dblacker
      • I’ve always thought that you’re better off erring on the side of more than less training. So in your case I would definitely look for some training course and up my game. Over the years I’ve also learned that spontaneous applications (as they call them) are not necessarily in vain. Companies don’t always publicise their offers as sometimes they rely on other channels to find their new team members. In any case, if your CV is interesting for them, they often keep it and approach you whenever a vacancy opens. Best

        16-Mar-2018 Reply to Jamie
    • I was told the company I contacted used Revit and BIM software, are there any courses in this area I could take which will not interfere with my current job (i.e. online or evening courses)? I sent them an email asking for advice on what courses to take, but am weary that may have been a mistake as it may have not given the right impression.

      29-Mar-2018 Reply to dblacker
      • No idea about courses. But in any case, I see no problem in asking. Ideally they should be aware that you're looking for the info yourself as well, more than anything, so that they see that you're a resourceful person and can fend for yourself. Cheers

        06-Apr-2018 Reply to Jamie
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  • CAD jobs Last updated by Michael: 04-Aug-2017

    I’m a self-taught 3D designer, I enjoy drawing images and in general I love the creative process. I just turned 18 and I’d love to get a part time job in the world of design. Can age be a problem, among other things because I haven’t yet had the time to take any course?

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    • Since you can start as an apprentice, you shouldn’t have any problems. In fact it’s great to have a real world job while studying as that way you can decide whether or not what you’re doing is your thing.

      04-Aug-2017 Reply to James
      • Uh, I hadn’t looked at it that way, but what you say sounds like a v good idea. Truth is that I wasn’t considering furthering my studies unless it was the only way, but maybe it is not such a bad idea.

        04-Aug-2017 Reply to Michael
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