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Your CV has just ten seconds to make an impression…

Whether or not your CV makes a good impression has little to do with luck. Rather, it’s all down to your ability to show potential employers that you can offer what they’re looking for.

Want to make your CV a success story rather than a sob story? Here’s some food for thought.

Top advice:

  • You must tailor your CV to every job you apply for.
  • Update your CV from time to time, even if you’re not actively job seeking.
  • Use keywords in your CV.
  • The social networks you use are an extension of your CV – check them for incriminating information.
  • Employ a policy of “positive honesty”.
  • Be careful with how you represent your hobbies and interests.

For more in-depth information about these points, see links on the right of the page. In particular, you might like to take a look at our all-purpose CV guide.

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